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Get instant alerts anytime a person, business, or property enters the public record. Watch for sales, lawsuits, bankruptcies, garnishments, foreclosures, and much more. We receive as many as 1,000 records, notices, and more every business day. What data do we receive - and what will we watch? Click Here.

Just $1 per watch per month. For a limited time only, get up to 20 watches per month for FREE!

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About the Results

Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

In order to provide a comprehensive result set, it is very possible that you have received duplicates or false positives in the results. For example, if you are watching the address 123 Poplar, then you will receive results from every reference to "123 Poplar" in our database, whether the property is "123 Poplar Avenue", "123 Poplar Cove", or "123 Poplar Pike". The same is true for names that you watch. There is no guarantee that the John Smith you have entered in our Watch Service is the same John Smith that appears in your results. Only you can determine the relevance or accuracy of the match on any name or address in your Watch.

It is also possible that our Watch Service can miss a reference to a name or address on which you are searching. For example, if "123 Poplar" is entered into the public record as "123 Ppolar", we will be unable to find that reference for you. Your use and acceptance of the Watch Service constitutes an acceptance of these variabilities and possible inaccuracies and, as such, you agree to hold harmless The Daily News Publishing Co. for any problems with these results, as outlined, and agreed to by you, in our Terms & Conditions.