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Thursday, September 22, 2022

996 Public Records consisting of 996 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses1
Misc Register Filings46
Other Liens2
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity6
Court Calendars: Circuit11
Court Filings: Chancery7
Court Filings: Circuit16
Court Filings: General Sessions12
FED Warrants24
Power of Attorney & Decrees20
Probate Court3
Easements & Land Related2
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications76
Mortgage: Releases127
Mortgage: Trust Deeds110
Notice of Completion2
Permits: Building26
Permits: Electrical104
Permits: Mechanical38
Permits: Plumbing66
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds116
Quit Claim43
Rents & Leases13
Trustee Appointments3


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View09/22/222B Development Llc; Jvm Investment Co LpCharles Place
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Pierce, Jonathan P; Pierce, Sonya 
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Wirt Jr, David L; Wirt, Jessica F 
View09/22/22Haraway, Killis M; Housing And Urban Development 
View09/22/22Myers Enterprises Inc; Regions Bank 
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Wells, Eddie R 
View09/22/22First Citizens National Bank; Mata Holdings Llc 
View09/22/22First Citizens National Bank; Saltwell, Tyson; Stewart Saltwell, Traci 
View09/22/22Bruce Jr, Arthur L; Bruce, Amber M; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View09/22/22Black, Steven K; Quicken Loans Inc 
View09/22/22American Pacific Mortgage Corp; Gunagan, Heather E; Gunagan, Richard O 
View09/22/22Keith And David Grant Homes Llc; L1 Properties; Pinnacle Bank 
View09/22/22Campbell, Amanda; Campbell, Troy W; Quicken Loans Llc 
View09/22/22Magnolia Homes Inc; Pinnacle Bank 
View09/22/22Quicken Loans Llc; Williams, Aretta; Williams, Percy 
View09/22/22Baker, Sharita; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/22/22Broker Solutions Inc; Butler, Sondra G; New American Funding 
View09/22/22Freedom Mortgage Corp; Mccoach, Angelina 
View09/22/22Chumney, Robert L; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View09/22/22Blumer, Cortney; Blumer, Frederic W; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/22/22Acosta, Sofia O; Community Mortgage Corp; Ugalde, Victor L 
View09/22/22Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Walker, Pamela B 
View09/22/22Holliman, Anita L; Holliman, Jeffrey L; Quicken Loans Llc 
View09/22/22Hughes, Michael E; Hughes, Patricia A; Truist Bank 
View09/22/22Dodson, James E; Hill, Denice L; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/22/22Andmark Garden Wood Apartments Llc; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp 
View09/22/22Bank Of American Fork; Tiede, Carl 
View09/22/22Irving, Gladys M; Irving, Ronald C; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/22/22Miller, Darrelle B; Pinnacle Bank 
View09/22/22First Horizon Bank; Leavelle, Marilyn B; Leavelle, Mark 
View09/22/22Regions Bank; Washington Jr, George; Washington, Dale E 
View09/22/22Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage; Richardson, Porshure G 
View09/22/22Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage; Spurlock, Mary E; Spurlock, Michael RGreen Leaves Dr
View09/22/22Terry, Gheri N; Terry, Tavis L; Village Capital And Investment Llc 
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Sutton, Christopher I; Sutton, Jennifer G 
View09/22/22Holst, Betty J; Regions BankHaleville St
View09/22/22Hoover, Kelsey; Hoover, Matthew; Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage 
View09/22/22Allen, Justin M; Allen, Latoy M; Housing And Urban Development 
View09/22/22Latham, David B; Latham, Susan H; Live Oak Banking Co 
View09/22/22Criss, Freddie; Jpmorgan Chase Bank National AssociationShadowlawn Blvd
View09/22/22Carrington Mortgage Services Llc; Pierce, Carolyn; Pierce, Major 
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Williams, Darron D 
View09/22/22Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association; Taylor, Nathaniel 
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Mcmanis, Kim; Mcmanis, Wenda 
View09/22/22Ciancioso, Holly G; Ciancioso, Vincent P; Community Mortgage Corp 
View09/22/22Regions Bank; Winn, Justin R 
View09/22/22Belle Properties Llc; Financial Federal Bank 
View09/22/22Financial Federal Bank; Regency Homebuilders Llc 
View09/22/22Community Mortgage Corp; Rutgers, David 
View09/22/22Truhome Solutions Llc; Woods, Ganitika; Woods, Kevin 
View09/22/22Old South Remodeling And Repair Llc; Scholze, Bruce; Scholze, Pollyann 
View09/22/22Faircashdeal Gp; Mcdonald, Reginald; Mcdonald, Rhonda 
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Mclure, Dana 
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Taylor, Cassandra 
View09/22/22Housing And Urban Development; Parker, Bryant C 
View09/22/22Crockett, Kimberly; Crockett, Terrance; Housing And Urban Development 
View09/22/22Fryson, David K; Housing And Urban Development 
View09/22/22First Horizon Bank, Yuan; Yuan, Jason A 
View09/22/22Ahlrichs, Cheryl; Ahlrichs, Rodney; Better Mortgage Corporation 
View09/22/22Patriot Bank; Rose Iii, Andrew; Rose, Marti A 
View09/22/22Battle, Delmas J; Battle, Marion M; Towd Point Mortgage Trust 
View09/22/22King, Barbara A; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/22/22Caufield, Brian J; Caufield, Lisa A; Iberiabank 
View09/22/22Village Capital And Investment Llc; Williams, Morris E 
View09/22/22Ake, Amber; Ake, William; Freedom Mortgage Corporation 
View09/22/22Patterson, Natascha F; Patterson, Raymond; Wells Fargo Bank National Asociation 
View09/22/22Firstkey Mortgage Funidng 2021A Collateral Trust; Stephenson, Keith A; Stephenson, Tonja P 
View09/22/22Fultz, Franklin; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/22/22Freedom Mortgage Corp; Smith, George; Smith, Marilyn 
View09/22/22Agarwal, Gaurav; Chemical Bank 
View09/22/22Eads, Virginia I; Pacheco, Antonio V; River City Mortgage Llc 
View09/22/22Robertson Jr, Edward; Robertson, Kathy D; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/22/22Real Time Resolutions Inc; Thompson, Eric 
View09/22/22Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Smith, Brannan; Smith, Heather D 
View09/22/22Gsmps Mortgage Loan Trust 2005 Rp3; Jones, Cleo; U S Bank National Association Tr 
View09/22/22Wells Fargo Bank National Association; Winton, Andrelli L 
View09/22/22Homeowners Mortgage Of America Inc; Walker, Dusty R; Walker, Linda N 
View09/22/22Bank Of America National Association; Goodman, Erin M; Goodman, John M 
View09/22/22Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc; Moore, Shirley A 
View09/22/22Brown, Sylvia F; Huntington National Bank 
View09/22/22Hammett, Elizabeth A; Hammett, John W; Truist Bank 
View09/22/22Hayes, Maria E; Hayes, Marvin; New Day Financial Llc 
View09/22/22Trejo, Victor; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/22/22Crews Iii, Milton E; Triumph Mortgage 
View09/22/22Memphis Investment Properties Iii Llc; Moore, R A 
View09/22/22Carrington Mortgage Services Llc; Maino, Rebecca D 
View09/22/22Bartlett Mortgage Inc; Hodgson, Catherine A; Hodgson, Charles E 
View09/22/22Boll, Cheryl; Boll, Kenneth; Everett Financial Inc; Supreme Lending 
View09/22/22Argent Mortgage Co Llc; Taylor, Calvin; Taylor, Helen 
View09/22/22Germantown City Of; Varela, Ana M; Varela, Ricardo ADogwood Oaks Dr
View09/22/22Browning, Beau B; Browning, Kathryn A; U S Bank National Association 
View09/22/22Owens, Kimberly L; Owens, Terry D; Suntrust Mortgage Inc 
View09/22/22Lendinghome Funding Corp; Wo Sfr Llc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Wo Sfr Llc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Wo Sfr Llc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Worldwide Property Hub Llc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Wo Sfr Llc 
View09/22/22Go Grizzlies Llc; Kiavi Funding Inc 
View09/22/22Buyerhouse Gp; Kiavi Funding Inc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Worldwide Property Hub Llc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Midsouth Realty Group Llc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Wo Sfr Llc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Wo Sfr Llc 
View09/22/22Kiavi Funding Inc; Wo Sfr Llc 
View09/22/22Anchor Investments Llc; Kiavi Funding Inc 
View09/22/22First South Credit Union; Hill, Alan W; Hill, Sherry D 
View09/22/22Elder, Clay D; Elder, Ellen M; First South Credit Union 
View09/22/22First South Credit Union; Weatherly, Cynthia D; Weatherly, Stephen 
View09/22/22Caples, Mary; Caples, Quinton; First South Credit Union 
View09/22/22First South Credit Union; Smith, Brent A; Smith, Wei L 
View09/22/22Edmiston, Daniel; First South Credit Union 
View09/22/22Brooks, Cathy A; First South Credit Union 
View09/22/22First South Credit Union; Nevels, Randy N; Nevels, Saundra D 
View09/22/22First South Credit Union; Patterson, Shelley D 
View09/22/22First South Credit Union; Nalan, Teresa L 
View09/22/22First South Credit Union; Nalan, Teresa L 
View09/22/22First Horizon Bank; Werkhoven, William E 
View09/22/22Duncan, Charlene; First Horizon Bank; Vozeh, Christopher 
View09/22/22Akil, Farid; Memphis Investment Properties Iii LlcRhea Ave
View09/22/22Connell Gary D Tr; Connell Revocable Living Trust; Parr, Caleb 
View09/22/22Avalon Capital Llc; Tyler Enterprise Group Inc 
View09/22/22Federal National Mortgage Association; Mitchell, Kristen 
View09/22/22Allied Bonding Co Inc; Gann, Janet; Gann, Willie 
View09/22/22Allied Bonding Co Inc; Gann, Janet; Gann, Willie 
View09/22/22Luckett, Barbara P; Luckett, James S; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View09/22/22First Horizon Bank; Grooms, Bobby N; Grooms, Carolyn L 
View09/22/22First Horizon Bank; Leavy, Ruthie L; Mcbee, Milton