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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

952 Public Records consisting of 952 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses2
Misc Register Filings22
Other Liens2
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity13
Court Calendars: Circuit2
Court Filings: Chancery3
Court Filings: Circuit12
Court Filings: General Sessions14
FED Warrants29
Power of Attorney & Decrees78
Probate Court8
Tax Liens & Releases16
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications30
Mortgage: Releases148
Mortgage: Trust Deeds100
Permits: Building30
Permits: Electrical41
Permits: Mechanical57
Permits: Plumbing23
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds94
Quit Claim40
Rents & Leases14
Trustee Appointments1

Power of Attorney & Decrees

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View09/20/22Redstone Federal Credit Union; Sawyer, Alvin C 
View09/20/22Earles, Andrew S; Willmott, Sherman 
View09/20/22Hargrove, Donald L; Lewis, SusanAllandale Ln
View09/20/22Banks, Joan B; Bramlett Family Trust; Byrd Capital Ventures Co; Byrd Curtis Estate Of; Byrd Homestead Properties; Byrd Property Co; Lewis Jr, Willie; Lewis, Cloreadia P; T Redd Associates; T Redd Associates Byrd And Taylor Properties; Taylor, RonaldWorthington Cir
View09/20/22Consumer Portfolio Services Inc; Odell, Sidney; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Morin, Teri; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Minnis, Michael; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Mcdonald, Robert; Synchrony Bank 
View09/20/22Lockhart, Eugene; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Jackson, Johnny; Synchrony Bank 
View09/20/22Holst, Trellica; Synchrony Bank 
View09/20/22Harvell, Rakesha; Synchrony Bank 
View09/20/22Cavalry Spv I Llc; Hall, Dominique 
View09/20/22Glover, Vincent; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Gray, Sikia M; Td Bank Usa National Association 
View09/20/22Dukes, Karen; Td Bank Usa National Association 
View09/20/22Dowdy, Patricia A; Td Bank Usa National Association 
View09/20/22Dopson, Barrett; Onemain Financial Group Llc 
View09/20/22Davis, Christin; Synchrony Bank 
View09/20/22Herd, Ronald; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View09/20/22Td Bank Usa National Association; Young, Tracy L 
View09/20/22Velocity Investments Llc; Williams, Sharonda 
View09/20/22Cavalry Spv I Llc; Ward, Ryan 
View09/20/22Sweatt, Kimberly; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Smith, Gary D; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Sanders, Torrie D; Td Bank Usa 
View09/20/22Saines, Destiny A; Td Bank Usa 
View09/20/22Reed, Jeremy; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Calvary Spv I Llc; Ramsay, Danika A 
View09/20/22Cox, Marvalisha; Td Bank Usa National Association 
View09/20/22Clark, David; Velocity Investments Llc 
View09/20/22Bronsink, Dustin; Bronsink, Vada; Onemain Financial Group Llc 
View09/20/22Avant, Melroy; Cavalry Spv I Llc 
View09/20/22Anderson, Sonja; Synchrony Bank 
View09/20/22Dotter, Michelle; Pretti, Jume E 
View09/20/22Burns, Diane; Burns, Robert 
View09/20/22Jackson, Autumn D; Regional Acceptance Corp 
View09/20/22Jones, Jesse B; Nextgear Capital Inc 
View09/20/22Regions Financial Corp; Shores, David L; Shores, Elizabeth F 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Elcan, Ronnie 
View09/20/22Ally Bank; Crawford, Marilyn A 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Coston, Justin 
View09/20/22Clinton, Leilana; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/20/22Carver, Monterio; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/20/22Adaway, Anthony T; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/20/22Anderson, Olivia; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/20/22Bell, Brandy M; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/20/22Benson, Barbara; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/20/22Buggs, Andre; Persolve Recoveries Llc 
View09/20/22Campbell, Pamela; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/20/22Carter, Monica; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Fields, Jerome 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Foster, Michael 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Grandberry, Danielle D 
View09/20/22Gray, Jerry; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Hamilton, Janet 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Harris, Kenneth 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Harvey, Fantasia 
View09/20/22Hawkins, Edgar; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Hill, Sherese 
View09/20/22Maxwell, Jeffrey; Swift Transportation Co Of Arizona Llc 
View09/20/22Galaxy International Purchasing Llc; Maughmer, Mark 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Matlock, Ricky 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Martin, Phillip A 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Martin, Keith L 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Maclin, Floyd 
View09/20/22Hughes, Evette; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Johnson, Edward M 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Johnson, Jeanette 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Jones, Valerie W 
View09/20/22Conn Appliances Inc; Larry, Catherine D 
View09/20/22Harpeth Financial Services Llc; Kight, Maria 
View09/20/22Harpeth Financial Services Llc; Porter, Nichol 
View09/20/22Fields, Cynthia; Harpeth Financial Services Llc 
View09/20/22Causey, Jacques; Harpeth Financial Services Llc 
View09/20/22Harpeth Financial Services Llc; Phillips, Megan 
View09/20/22Bankplus; Terry, Linda J; Terry, Rodaija J 
View09/20/22Johnson, Harold; Trustmark National Bank