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Monday, September 19, 2022

905 Public Records consisting of 905 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses3
Misc Register Filings52
Other Liens3
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity9
Court Calendars: Circuit1
Court Filings: Chancery6
Court Filings: Circuit15
Court Filings: General Sessions7
FED Warrants23
Power of Attorney & Decrees26
Probate Court2
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications52
Mortgage: Releases140
Mortgage: Trust Deeds89
Notice of Completion5
Permits: Building29
Permits: Electrical65
Permits: Mechanical47
Permits: Plumbing56
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds140
Quit Claim64
Rents & Leases17


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View09/19/22Otis Shaw; Spencer Real Estate Co 
View09/19/22Lake District Llc; Nitin Shaw 
View09/19/22Aaron Kizer; L, Kosten 
View09/19/22Evangelical Chrtn Scl Mphs Inc; Krag Plumbing Company, Inc (P000) 
View09/19/22David Hill; Glen, Starrett 
View09/19/22Brad Campbell; Williams, Bryan 
View09/19/22Raines, Nathan; Russell Williams 
View09/19/22Aaron Kizer; Ideal Investments Llc 
View09/19/22Dustin Smith; Hill, Clifford 
View09/19/22Michael Jones; Williams, John 
View09/19/22Mrp-1 Llc; Ryan A Foster 
View09/19/22Michael Jones; Zapalac, James 
View09/19/22Soldan, Jeffrey; Steve Ray 
View09/19/22Ashford, Shay; Laura Mccoy 
View09/19/22Babb, Elizabeth; Courtney Jackson 
View09/19/22Arvm 5 Llc; Laura Mccoy 
View09/19/22Myrna Llc; Ryan Foster 
View09/19/22Armstrong, Michael; Perez Jackson 
View09/19/22Dorsey, Joe; Michael Jones 
View09/19/22Hussein, Salloukh; Tim Baker 
View09/19/22Jane, Abraham; Tim Baker 
View09/19/22Joy, Bruce 
View09/19/22Courtney Jackson; Moore, Terry 
View09/19/22M, Honors; Raymond Sharkus 
View09/19/22Eric Herbers; Paul, Tronsor 
View09/19/22Chris Wenzler; Tiger Town Partners Llc 
View09/19/22Barbara Platt; Strange, Freddie 
View09/19/22James Mckinney; Rei Nation Llc 
View09/19/22Arlander Parker; Education, Health 
View09/19/22Bartsch, Joshua; John Smith., Jr 
View09/19/22Arlander Parker; Education, Health 
View09/19/22Hal Fam Rentals Llc; Richard Landers 
View09/19/22Cooper, Donald; James Faulkner 
View09/19/22Jerry Davis; Pittman, Cody 
View09/19/22Dabov, Gregory; Joey Roberson 
View09/19/22Arlander Parker; Education, Health 
View09/19/22A, Brock; Laura Mccoy 
View09/19/22Arlander Parker; Education, Health 
View09/19/22Arlander Parker; Education, Health 
View09/19/22Fagala, Kyle; Security Fire Protection Co, Inc. (M000) 
View09/19/22Drew Cook; Gamble, Anne 
View09/19/22Allen, Donald; Drew Cook 
View09/19/22Amin, Mohamed; Drew Cook 
View09/19/22Michael Jones; Tucker, Income 
View09/19/22Cotton; Michael Jones 
View09/19/22Abbus, Ahmed; Otis Shaw 
View09/19/22Matthew Terhune; Mayer, Katherine 
View09/19/22Curtis Austin Contracting Services Llc; William Jones 
View09/19/22Jw, Roby; William Jones 
View09/19/22Saadi, Ahmed 
View09/19/22Saadi, Ahmed 
View09/19/22Cordova Tennessee Llc 
View09/19/22Williams, Larry 
View09/19/22Tate, Kenneth 
View09/19/22Kelley, Zondria 
View09/19/22Kelley, Zondria