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Monday, September 19, 2022

905 Public Records consisting of 905 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses3
Misc Register Filings52
Other Liens3
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity9
Court Calendars: Circuit1
Court Filings: Chancery6
Court Filings: Circuit15
Court Filings: General Sessions7
FED Warrants23
Power of Attorney & Decrees26
Probate Court2
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications52
Mortgage: Releases140
Mortgage: Trust Deeds89
Notice of Completion5
Permits: Building29
Permits: Electrical65
Permits: Mechanical47
Permits: Plumbing56
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds140
Quit Claim64
Rents & Leases17


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View09/19/22Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust; Washington, Willie M; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb Tr 
View09/19/22Community Mortgage Corp; Hewitt, Jordan; Hewitt, Shaneka 
View09/19/22Mckinner, Gloria J; Midfirst Bank 
View09/19/22Kurth, Marcus J; Volunteer State Bank 
View09/19/22Franklin Mortgage Funding Inc; Hayes, Brenda; Michigan Fidelity Acceptance Corp 
View09/19/22Evolve Bank And Trust; Rei Nation Llc 
View09/19/22Planters Bank And Trust; Yakkala, Harish 
View09/19/22Evolve Bank And Trust; Rei Nation Llc 
View09/19/22Jones, Charlie L; Jones, Josephine A; Wells Fargo Usa Holdings Inc 
View09/19/22Annex Of Memphis Llc; Lithko Contracting Llc 
View09/19/22First Horizon Bank; Foster, Jerome D; Foster, Yvonia A 
View09/19/22Cole, George D; Cole, Patricia; Securitynational Mortgage Co 
View09/19/22Magnolia Homes Inc; Pinnacle Bank 
View09/19/22Grant Homes Llc; Trustmark National Bank 
View09/19/22Daniel Jr, Clarence R; Daniel, Demetra; Trustmark National Bank 
View09/19/22Piergalski Iii, Eugene; Piergalski, Laurie A; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/19/22Kirby, Bertha; Springcastle Finance Funding Trust; Wilmington Trust National Association Tr 
View09/19/22Shettlesworth, Robert N; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/19/22Bank Of England; Wages, Cathy B; Wages, Jason R 
View09/19/22Jones, Brian; Jones, Kimberly; Pennymac Loan Services Llc 
View09/19/22Brown, Kathryn M; Brown, Michael A; First Horizon Bank 
View09/19/22Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; White, Derrick; White, Latonya 
View09/19/22Bennett, Eric C; First Horizon Bank 
View09/19/22Bancorpsouth Bank; Gautier, Lisa M; Rivera, Randall 
View09/19/22Coleman, Larry; Registered Holders Of Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc Trust 2005 He5; Wells Fargo Bank National Association Tr 
View09/19/22Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Tr; Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006 2; Matthews, Catherine; Matthews, Kortney 
View09/19/22Allen, Micah H; Allen, Michael D; Pennymac Loan Services Llc 
View09/19/221910 Nonconnah Member Llc; Remark Trust Llc 
View09/19/221910 Nonconnah Member Llc; Remark Trust Llc 
View09/19/22Berryhill, Torrey; Midfirst Bank 
View09/19/22Hailey, Isabella B; Midfirst Bank; Tanksley, Bertha 
View09/19/22Belem Servicing Llc; Nicholson, Gina G; Nicholson, Harvey L; Pariot Bank 
View09/19/22Mortgage Investors Group; Sinquefield, Jonathan; Sinquefield, Miranda G 
View09/19/22Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Robinson, Odessa; Robinson, Willie F 
View09/19/22Anaya, Daisy E; Anaya, Mario I; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View09/19/22None; Trustmark National BankJames Rd
View09/19/22Cullers, Alisha; Cullers, Dustin R; Wolfe Financial Inc 
View09/19/22Madkins, Wanda G; Ocwen Federal Bank Fsb 
View09/19/22Clark Jr, Foyice; First National Bank Of Arizona 
View09/19/22Morrow, Larry; Worldwide Mortgage Corp 
View09/19/22Humphrey, Darryl W; Humphrey, Donnita M; U S Bank National Association Tr 
View09/19/22Bellew, William C; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/19/22Hudspeth, Martha J; Hudspeth, William C; State Farm Bank Fsb 
View09/19/22Federal National Mortgage Association; Tucker, Bonnie B; Tucker, Raymond W 
View09/19/22First Citizens National Bank; Goss, Debbie B; Goss, Robert E 
View09/19/22Kerns, Willie B; Newrez Llc; Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing 
View09/19/22Glamore, Willie; Miller, Mary A; Residential Loan Centers Of America Inc 
View09/19/22Brighton Bank; Seay, Russell L 
View09/19/22Cardinal Financial Co Lp; Jones, Lesley 
View09/19/22Caliber Home Loans Inc; Hysmith, Haley E 
View09/19/22Hudspeth, George; Hudspeth, Shanda L; Quicken Loans Llc 
View09/19/22Bosanco, Jack D; Bosanco, Jacqueline M; Freedom Mortgage Corp 
View09/19/22Capital One Bank National Association; Mathis, Sarah; Nathan And Nathan Pc 
View09/19/22Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Skinner, Thomas D 
View09/19/22Chalet Series Iv Trust; Griffin, Fannie M; U S Bank Trust National Association Tr 
View09/19/22Bkpi Eg Series I Trust; Carter, Emily; Carter, William; U S Bank Trust National Association Tr 
View09/19/22Mcgill, Laura F; Simmons Bank 
View09/19/22Community Mortgage Corp; Thomason, Charlene; Thomason, Jonathan 
View09/19/22Truist Bank; Wright, Monica; Wright, Tony 
View09/19/22Bbmc Mortgage Llc; Rhodes, Johnny; Rhodes, Patsy H 
View09/19/22Beard, Amanda; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View09/19/22Southerland, Dawn W; Southerland, Paul A; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/19/22Pinnacle Bank; Wheat, Cory; Wheat, Sonya 
View09/19/22Crump, Stephanie E; Crump, Wesley H; Paragon Bank 
View09/19/22Lester Jr, Herbert L; Money Source Inc 
View09/19/22Baker Brenner, Sally; Bkpl Lodge Series I Trust; Brenner, Henry L; U S Bank Trust National Association Tr 
View09/19/22Brown, Kathryn M; Brown, Michael A; Patriot Bank 
View09/19/22Patriot Bank; Powell Iii, Franklin 
View09/19/22Castellano, Anthony; Castellano, Michele; Quicken Loans Inc 
View09/19/22Crone, Laura B; Delahaye, Jamie; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/19/22Community Mortgage Corp; Curtis, Samuel C; Daniel, Martha E 
View09/19/22Bank Of New York Mellon; Taylor, Kenneth R; Taylor, Kimberly C 
View09/19/22Ctlp Llc; Patriot Bank 
View09/19/22Ctlp Llc; Patriot Bank 
View09/19/22Ctlp Llc; Patriot Bank 
View09/19/22Gootzeit, Judy S; Gootzeit, Michael J; Patriot Bank 
View09/19/22Mason Jr, Eddie; Mason, Toni D; Mortgage Research Center Llc; Veterans United Home Loans 
View09/19/22Pinnacle Bank; Robinson, Tamara Y 
View09/19/22Conn Appliances Inc; Yoho, Brittany 
View09/19/22Landmark Asset Revocable Management Llc; Mcclora, Keith 
View09/19/22Autry, Danny E; Autry, Patricia A; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/19/22Financial Federal Bank; St Joseph Properties LlcBlueridge Dr
View09/19/22City Builders Llc; Financial Federal Bank 
View09/19/22Ck Properties Llc; Federal Financial BankCatalina Rd
View09/19/22Deavers, Nathan M; Movement Mortgage LlcNorth Main St 407
View09/19/22Allen, Andrew P; Regions BankHallview
View09/19/22Beaty, Barbara B; Beaty, Bobby R; Regions Bank 
View09/19/22Bmo Harris Bank National Association; Taylor, Wenda F 
View09/19/22Hardin County Bank; Harrod, Tamara 
View09/19/22Davis, Linda A; Davis, Willie J; Regions Bank 
View09/19/22All Service Plumbing Llc; Hunt, Robert 
View09/19/22First South Financial Credit Union; Peacock, Jacqueline 
View09/19/22Hodge, Michael; Kemba Delta Federal Credit Union 
View09/19/22Joy, Rodney; Pyramid Used Cars Inc 
View09/19/22Arocho, Lakeshia; First Metropolitan Financial Services Inc 
View09/19/22Baudean, Alexandra; Baudean, Nicholas; Fedex Employees Credit Association Federal Credit Union 
View09/19/22Hoard, Carolyn; Hope Federal Credit Union 
View09/19/22Fleury, Anita; S And F Financial Llc 
View09/19/22Carson, Latonya; Southern Security Federal Credit Union 
View09/19/22A And A Financial Llc; Mobley, Tamara 
View09/19/22Budget Financial Inc; Wiggins, Nueshia 
View09/19/22Covington Pike Acceptance Corp; Smith, Billy 
View09/19/22Covington Pike Acceptance Corp; Currie, Robin 
View09/19/22Hopkins, Darnell; Mikes Autoplex 
View09/19/22Housing And Urban Development; Rosser, Lewis DEasterly Ln
View09/19/22Hugan, Sandra A; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/19/22Cerri, Alberto; Community Mortgage Corp; Yunes, Samira C 
View09/19/22Nelson, Joshua J; Nelson, Micah N; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/19/22Hall, Kiana; Lodge Series Iii Trust; U S Bank Trust National Association Tr 
View09/19/22Bryson, Elizabeth H; Bryson, John W; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/19/22Hiner, Charles; Hiner, Mitzi; Rocket Mortgage Llc 
View09/19/22Gautier, Lisa M; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Riveria, Randall 
View09/19/22Keyresi Llc; Moss, Joshua; R E I Capital LlcStanbrook Ave
View09/19/22Everett Financial Inc; Mills, Daniel; Supreme Lending 
View09/19/22First Horizon Bank; Rainey, Collins 
View09/19/22Bondurant, John; Venckus, Amy; Venckus, Derek 
View09/19/22Bondurant, John; Venckus, Amy; Venckus, Derek 
View09/19/22Richardson, Steven E; University Of Kentucky Federal Credit Union 
View09/19/22Independent Bank; Mid South Homebuyers IncShadowlawn Blvd
View09/19/22Bowens, Whitney; Sewell, Pearl 
View09/19/22Brown, Martin W; Brown, Rose M; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View09/19/22Bank Of America National Association; Jeffries, Marina A 
View09/19/22Bank Of America National Association; Colbert Jr, Calvin 
View09/19/22Ali, Ahamedi M; Cavalry Spv I Llc 
View09/19/22Henley, Carol J; Patriot Bank 
View09/19/22Hancock, Scott; Midland Funding Llc 
View09/19/22Jordanbanks, Crystal; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View09/19/22Brown, Bonnie I; Brown, Zachary P; First Horizon Bank 
View09/19/22Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc; Wallace, Tabatha D 
View09/19/22Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc; Scott, Amanda 
View09/19/22Edwards, David; Edwards, Kathy T; Regions Bank 
View09/19/22Wells Fargo Bank National Association; Williams, A Roosevelt; Williams, S R 
View09/19/22Cardinal Financial Company; Jones, Lesley 
View09/19/22Bank Of Fayette County; Hardwick, Carson C; Seger, Sydney H 
View09/19/22Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc; Thomas, Bonnisha 
View09/19/22Bowdery, Anita; Midland Funding Llc 
View09/19/22Bancorpsouth Bank; Pettigrew, Jacqueline; Pettigrew, Joseph T 
View09/19/22Fleischut, Gerald P; Fleischut, Patricia A; Truist Bank 
View09/19/22Bank Of America National Association; Buggs, Barbara F 
View09/19/22Given, Robert S; Given, Vicki A; U S Bank Trust National Association