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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

950 Public Records consisting of 950 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses10
Misc Register Filings38
Other Liens8
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity10
Court Calendars: Circuit1
Court Filings: Chancery85
Court Filings: Circuit13
Court Filings: General Sessions17
FED Warrants18
Power of Attorney & Decrees55
Probate Court6
Tax Liens & Releases7
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications23
Mortgage: Releases127
Mortgage: Trust Deeds52
Permits: Building15
Permits: Electrical42
Permits: Mechanical76
Permits: Plumbing40
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds63
Quit Claim48
Rents & Leases5
Trustee Appointments3


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View01/24/23John Walker.,Jr; Poplar Station Llc 
View01/24/23Mechanical Systems Co, Llc (M000); Sitepro Rentals Inc 
View01/24/23Brett Soefker; Rcs Germantown I Llc (52.6702%) And 
View01/24/23Brett Soefker; Plymouth Southpark Llc 
View01/24/23Sid Pleasants; Union Avalon Partners Llc 
View01/24/23Courtney Jackson; Pizza Investment Co Llc 
View01/24/23Pro Tech Fire Systems, Inc. (M000); Sineen Llc 
View01/24/23Juan, Castelan; Pro Tech Fire Systems, Inc. (M000) 
View01/24/23Courtney Jackson; Echols, Donna 
View01/24/23Michael Scott; South Home Buyers Gp, Mid 
View01/24/23Joyner Heating And Air (M000); Wherry, Dernice 
View01/24/23Edwards, William; Gary Brimhall 
View01/24/23Boxx, Donald; Heather Landrum 
View01/24/23De Ochoa, Jorge; Heather Landrum 
View01/24/23Eddie Gentry; Sandridge, Ronald 
View01/24/23Audubon Downs Inc; Danny Payne 
View01/24/23C Choate; Pierce, Woodrow 
View01/24/23Cindi Atkins; Foster, Barry 
View01/24/23Bryant, Veronica; Victor Russell 
View01/24/23Pango Whitney Apartments Llc; Timothy Mckell 
View01/24/23L. Davis Heating & Air Conditioning Llc (M000); Qahshi, Wahib 
View01/24/23John Conway; Ross, Jacqueline 
View01/24/23Popwell, Arthur; Ray Hale 
View01/24/23Herbert Downing; Pennymac Loan Services Llc 
View01/24/23Collins, Donald; Eddie Gentry 
View01/24/23Chris Mccoy; Hallmark Builders Inc 
View01/24/23Chris Mcoy; Hallmark Builders Inc 
View01/24/23Forbess Plumbing Inc. (M000); Wherry, Dernice 
View01/24/23Johnson, Gary; Sherman Square 
View01/24/23Little, Glenn; Pro Tech Fire Systems, Inc. (M000) 
View01/24/23Wesley Fletcher Dba Wes Fletcher Heating And Air, (M000); Wooldridge, Patrick 
View01/24/23Anderson, Katherine; Courtney Jackson 
View01/24/23Otis Shaw; Rpm Contractors Llc 
View01/24/23Boone, Edward; Summertime Blues Heat & Air (M000) 
View01/24/23Courtney Jackson; Reichow, Anna 
View01/24/23Jbl Properties Llc; Randal Locke 
View01/24/23Green Tree Villas Llc; Otis Shaw 
View01/24/23Green Tree Villas Llc; Otis Shaw 
View01/24/23Green Tree Villas Llc; Otis Shaw 
View01/24/23Herbert Downing; Mills, Bruce 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; M, Perkins 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Mosby, Valerie 
View01/24/23Melissa Mayfield; Steenerson, Meredith 
View01/24/23Benya, Joseph; Mike Miller 
View01/24/23Courtney Jackson; Hamic, William 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Timothy, Thomas 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Clark, Holly 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Comas, Jorge 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Lamar, Fannie 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Franklin, James 
View01/24/23Episcopal Home, Trezevant; Terry Presley (M053) 
View01/24/23Michael Scott; South Home Buyers Gp, Mid 
View01/24/23Alsobrook, Stephen; Ricky Hale 
View01/24/23Meazi, Biruk; Ronald Hamlett 
View01/24/23H, Conley; John Conway 
View01/24/23John Conway; R, Flanders 
View01/24/23John Conway; Nelson, Helen 
View01/24/23Gamble, John; John Conway 
View01/24/23John Conway; Lowery, Frederick 
View01/24/23Getschman, Nicholas; John Conway 
View01/24/23John Conway; Neal, Kenneth 
View01/24/23George Byers; Jon's Pocket Preserve Llc 
View01/24/23Benjie Sneed; Shaw, Steven 
View01/24/23Priority First Plumbing & Repair (M000); Twenty Seven W Carolina Llc 
View01/24/23Priority First Plumbing & Repair (M000); Twenty Seven W Carolina Llc 
View01/24/23Michael Scott; South Home Buyers Gp, Mid 
View01/24/23L1 Properties; Robert Nunnally 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Marcinko, Andrew 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Sharp, Betty 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Suggs, Melvin 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Hodges, Velma 
View01/24/23Brian Reed; Ndiaye, Hamidou 
View01/24/23Barbara Platt; Rock, Reuben 
View01/24/23Eddie Gentry; Sharkfin Real Estate Holdings Llc 
View01/24/23Kim Grant Homes Llc; Robert Nunnally 
View01/24/23C Choate; Kathryn, Perry