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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

950 Public Records consisting of 950 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses10
Misc Register Filings38
Other Liens8
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity10
Court Calendars: Circuit1
Court Filings: Chancery85
Court Filings: Circuit13
Court Filings: General Sessions17
FED Warrants18
Power of Attorney & Decrees55
Probate Court6
Tax Liens & Releases7
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications23
Mortgage: Releases127
Mortgage: Trust Deeds52
Permits: Building15
Permits: Electrical42
Permits: Mechanical76
Permits: Plumbing40
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds63
Quit Claim48
Rents & Leases5
Trustee Appointments3


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View01/24/23American Financial Network Inc; Brice, Meghan S; Brice, Michael H; Orion Lending 
View01/24/23Hudson, Jennifer; Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage Llc 
View01/24/23Everett Financial Inc; Supreme Lending; Wetterer, John E 
View01/24/23Shelter, Karl J; Shelter, Lisa A; Usaa Federal Savings Bank 
View01/24/23Bachelor, Shenae; Greenlight Loans; Nationstar Mortgage Llc 
View01/24/23Better Mortgage Corp; Sorrells, Jeremy; Sorrells, Maureen 
View01/24/23First Tennessee Home Loans; Watson, Geraldine; Watson, William 
View01/24/23Eddy, Brandon A; Trustmark National Bank 
View01/24/23Cartaya, Jonnathan; Cartaya, Rosangel; Fifth Third Bank National Association 
View01/24/23Midland Funding Llc; White, Glenda FBeauchamp Dr
View01/24/23James, Aaron; Salant, RobinFelix Ave
View01/24/23Meriweather, Shamika L; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View01/24/23Nguyen, John; Pham, Tammy; Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage 
View01/24/23Ellis, Jerry L; Ellis, Nancy G; Regions Bank; Regions MortgageFlorencewood Dr
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Smith, Tevin J 
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Logan And Associates Builders IncOak Royal Dr
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Roach, MarioAddington Dr
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Happi And Friends Llc 
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Happi And Friends LlcPolo Dr
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Wright, Kevin M; Wright, Marcey DPurple Leaf Ln
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Patel, Mrudula N; Patel, Nileshkumar CRyan Hill Dr
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Currie, Josie Z; Currie, Matthew R 
View01/24/23Bank Of Fayette County; Crutcher, Contessa D; Crutcher, Thomas EWhitney Ave
View01/24/23Fayne, Rosemary; Fayne, Stanley; Regions Bank 
View01/24/23Leet, Elizabeth K; Leet, Stephen E; Regions Bank 
View01/24/23Busby, Mildred; Regions Bank 
View01/24/23Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage; Simpson, AnastasiaNew York St
View01/24/23Adair, Nancy P; Regions Bank 
View01/24/23Gwinn, David; Gwinn, Regina; Regions Bank 
View01/24/23Goodman, Jeffrey M; Goodman, Karla K; Nola Lending Group Llc 
View01/24/23Abraham, Jane; Henerson, C Keith; Regions Bank 
View01/24/23Eakin, Belinda K; Eakin, Rick K; Regions BankSanga Cir West
View01/24/23Hicky, Bliss Y; Hicky, Jan N; Regions Bank 
View01/24/23Regions Bank; Simpson, Anastasia 
View01/24/23Long, Scott; Moon, Christopher E; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View01/24/23Alliance Mortgage Co; Branigan, Bobbie J; Branigan, Phillip R 
View01/24/23Hawkins, Vanessa; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View01/24/23Frazier, Everett R; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View01/24/23Jenkins, Deborah L; Patriot Bank 
View01/24/23Johnson, Josh S; Johnson, Theresa L; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View01/24/23Cadence Bank; Cook, Karen E 
View01/24/23Bursi, Margaret B; Cadence Bank 
View01/24/23Cadence Bank; Jenkins, Chris M; Jenkins, Lindsay D 
View01/24/23Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Wolfard, Janett Y; Wolfard, Russell C 
View01/24/23Rivera, Alecia; Sierra Pacific Mortgage Co Inc 
View01/24/23Simmons Bank; Wilson, Eddie S; Wilson, Virginia B 
View01/24/23Black, Ronnie L; Black, Tiffany H; Iberiabank Mortgage Co 
View01/24/23Eschelweck, Sean; Paragon Bank 
View01/24/23Independent Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View01/24/23Financial Federal Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View01/24/23Financial Federal Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View01/24/23Financial Federal Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View01/24/23Financial Federal Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View01/24/23Financial Federal Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View01/24/23Financial Federal Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View01/24/23Payne, Judy L; Payne, Terry B; Trustmark National Bank 
View01/24/23Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Henry, Benito C 
View01/24/23Newrez Llc; White, George 
View01/24/23Financial Federal Bank; Sneed Jr, Thomas D; Sneed, Kathryn B 
View01/24/23Buckley, Cathy H; Buckley, Henry R; Hoskins, Doris B; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View01/24/23Cadence Bank; Hayes, Sherwanda 
View01/24/23Cadence Bank; Duncan, CadenceVon Hall Dr
View01/24/23Cadence Bank; Pearce, Cheryl L; Pearce, James R 
View01/24/23Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co Of Michigan; Raines Investment Llc 
View01/24/23Everbank; Randle, Latonya 
View01/24/23Cadence Bank; Nesbitt, Jennifer M 
View01/24/23Bank Of America National Association; Foster, Shana R 
View01/24/23Bank Of America National Association; Mason, Candice N 
View01/24/23Griffin, Andre; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View01/24/23Davis, Matthew; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View01/24/23Armour, Amos; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View01/24/23Brown, Sharron A; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View01/24/23Lewis, John S; Lewis, Lori J; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View01/24/23Phillips, Laurie D; Phillips, Mark F; Truist Bank 
View01/24/23Cadence Bank; Jackson, Tonia 
View01/24/23Cadence Bank; Phillps, Marcus L; Phillps, Sherline 
View01/24/23Turbeville Ii, Daniel W; Turbeville, Alyssa R; United States Of America 
View01/24/23Burke, Patricia W; Burke, Ulysses; First Horizon Bank 
View01/24/23First Horizon Bank; Thornburg, Bunion W 
View01/24/23Norman, Virginia R; Standard Mortgage Corp 
View01/24/23First Horizon Bank; Knowlton, Holly S; Knowlton, Thomas S 
View01/24/23Coleman, Ronald L; Jhk Lp 
View01/24/23Aspen Equity Fund Llc 
View01/24/23Edge Industrial Development Board City Of Memphis And County Of Shelby; Riviana Foods Inc 
View01/24/23Epocf3a Llc; Residential Investment Trust IvBerta Rd
View01/24/23Lakes, Kristoffer; Williams, AnthonySouth Wellington St
View01/24/23Pinnacle Bank; Regency Homebuilders Llc 
View01/24/23Clarke, Lewis; Orion Federal Credit Union 
View01/24/23Clarke, Julia M; Clarke, Lewis; Orion Federal Credit Union 
View01/24/23Stone, Charles; Stone, Marquetta; Walnut Grove Forest Hill Association IncRiver Meadow Dr
View01/24/23Everett, Karsten E; Everett, Monica F; Housing And Urban Development 
View01/24/23Cooney, Sheila; Greer, Joshua; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View01/24/23Freedom Mortgage Corp; Walker, Daniel B 
View01/24/23Everett Financial Inc; Rauchwerger, Boaz; Supreme Lending 
View01/24/23Bartlett Mortgage Inc; Yoon, Bonnie; Yoon, Jeffrey 
View01/24/23Guenther, Jennifer N; Guenther, R Stephen; Iberiabank Mortgage Co 
View01/24/23Memphis Investment Properties Iii Llc; Residential Investment Trust VEastover Dr
View01/24/23Das Acquisition Co Llc; Townsend Ii, Cliff 
View01/24/23Dominguez, Arturo L; Dominguez, Gloria G; Freedom Mortgage Corp 
View01/24/23Malone, Bernice T; Malone, Charles E; Navy Federal Credit Union 
View01/24/23Johnson, Willie G; Midfirst Bank 
View01/24/23Community Mortgage Corp; Walton, Sheakia L 
View01/24/23Leite, John S; Leite, Lisa C; Truist Bank 
View01/24/23Midsouth Realty Group Llc; Residential Capital Partners Secured Loan Fund Xi LlcArbor Lake Dr
View01/24/23Bmh Memphis; Burks, William 
View01/24/23Bmh Memphis; Burks, William 
View01/24/23Edwards, Jeffrey E; Stonebriar Homeowners Association Inc 
View01/24/23Credit Acceptance Corp; Hayes, Jasmine A 
View01/24/23Simmons, Laronda Y; Unifund Ccr Partners 
View01/24/23Couch, Pamela A; Unifund Ccr Partners 
View01/24/23Credit Acceptance Corp; Spencer, Matoiri M 
View01/24/23Maben, Gary; Metlife Home Loans 
View01/24/23Springleaf Mortgage Loan Trust 2015 4Ag; Trezevant, Regina; U S Bank National Association Tr 
View01/24/23Citibank National Association; Martini Iii, Joseph; Martini, Debora B 
View01/24/23Hudson, Jerome; Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage Llc 
View01/24/23Lawal, Motolani; Nationstar Mortgage Llc 
View01/24/23Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage Llc; Woodard, Alice J; Woodard, Leroy 
View01/24/23Community Loan Servicing Llc; Peeples, Betty J; Peeples, Jimmie L 
View01/24/23Community Mortgage Corp; Mcbride, Tyler; Robertson, Brandon A; Robertson, Victoria J 
View01/24/23Citibank National Association; Olsen, Mary D 
View01/24/23Citimortgage Inc; Jones, Cheryll A 
View01/24/23Bank Of New York Mellon; Sullivan, James; Sullivan, Teresa 
View01/24/23Ammons, Bridgett; Ammons, Tim; First Horizon Bank 
View01/24/23First Citizens National Bank; Stephens, Gary L; Stephens, Linda BShea Woods Dr
View01/24/23Chief Fitz Llc; Eucalyptus Ct Llc; James L Lewis Living Trust; Lewis James L Tr; Marin Drive Properties Ii Llc; Shelby Pines Apartments Renovation Llc; Shelby Pines Llc 
View01/24/23Midfirst Bank; Sea Jr, William; Sea, Debra 
View01/24/23Moore, Anthony; Trustmark National Bank