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Monday, January 23, 2023

846 Public Records consisting of 846 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses21
Misc Register Filings24
Other Liens6
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity8
Court Calendars: Circuit3
Court Filings: Chancery4
Court Filings: Circuit8
Court Filings: General Sessions17
FED Warrants76
Power of Attorney & Decrees22
Probate Court8
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications38
Mortgage: Releases88
Mortgage: Trust Deeds51
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building31
Permits: Electrical70
Permits: Mechanical79
Permits: Plumbing37
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds53
Quit Claim27
Rents & Leases5
Trustee Appointments2


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View01/23/23National Cities Corp; Tim Mckell 
View01/23/23Dwayne Judy; Wesley At Graceland Inc (Dba) 
View01/23/23Jason Payne; Properties Dba, Linder 
View01/23/23Brian Nunley; Dayton Hudson Corporation 
View01/23/23Brian Hurt; Retail Np Memphis Commons, Bre 
View01/23/23Jonathan Nichols; La Petite Academy Inc 
View01/23/23Realty Gp, Gregory; Timothy Mckell 
View01/23/23Eric Thomas; Parkway Fuel Inc 
View01/23/23Huey Scovell W (60%) And Ja Investments; Jim Williams 
View01/23/23Jim Williams; Taco Bell Of America Inc 
View01/23/23Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority; Randy Mullis 
View01/23/23Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority; Randy Mullis 
View01/23/23Paige; Randy Mullis 
View01/23/23Mark Shipp; Properties Gp, Ce 
View01/23/23Austin Peay Plaza Llc; Demario Leakes 
View01/23/23Custom Alarm Security System (E029); Finard Memphis Realty Limited Partnershp 
View01/23/23Community Capital Llc; Scott Branson 
View01/23/23Ausan Business Management Llc; Rodgerick Williams 
View01/23/23Porter, Ray; Rodgerick Williams 
View01/23/23Franklin, Rodney; Mike Miller 
View01/23/23Robbins, Marion; Travis Price 
View01/23/23Glasco, Patricia; Otto Electric Company (E000) 
View01/23/23Henry Miller; Jenkins, Fameeka 
View01/23/23Keel-Pruitt, Alise; Travis Price 
View01/23/23Eric Thomas; Reed John G & Patricia W And Corey & 
View01/23/23Abdul-Malik, Tahira; Timothy Mckell 
View01/23/23Anthony Rotzoll; Fred, Parrott 
View01/23/23Anthony Rotzoll; Lofton, Jacquelyn 
View01/23/23Rick Farrell; Sowell Michael S & Analice H And 
View01/23/23James Hughes; Parker, Sheila 
View01/23/23James Hughes; Phifer, Robert 
View01/23/23James Hughes; Owings, Douglas 
View01/23/23James Hughes; Koleyni, Shahla 
View01/23/23James Hughes; Sorsby, Wynn 
View01/23/23Billy Wallace; Ghst Investments Holdings Llc 
View01/23/23Greenglove Capital Llc; Rodney Henderson 
View01/23/23Henry Dorsey; Islas, Bayron 
View01/23/23B & L Heating & Beard; Home Sfr Borrower Iv Llc 
View01/23/23B & L Heating & Beard; Progress Memphis Llc 
View01/23/23None None; P, Kelly 
View01/23/23Laksh, Nandrajog; Rodney Henderson 
View01/23/23Brown, Hardin; Daniel Jourdan 
View01/23/23Lewis, Shelley; William Sullivan 
View01/23/23Gardens Condominium, Belvedere; Haynes & Howell General Contractor Inc (E000) 
View01/23/23Educational, Health; James Peeler 
View01/23/23Educational, Health; James Peeler 
View01/23/23Educational, Health; James Peeler 
View01/23/23Educational, Health; James Peeler 
View01/23/23Keith Wright; Seagraves, Joe 
View01/23/23B & A Hvac (M000); Leach, Preston 
View01/23/23Arlington Mechanical; Tone, Peirson 
View01/23/23L, Brooks; Mike Miller 
View01/23/23Herbert Downing; Lies, Aaron 
View01/23/23Charlie Williams; Tmf (30%) And Ryman Family Holdings Llc 
View01/23/23Allison Graham Llc; Joyner Electric, Llc (E000) 
View01/23/23Askew, Lindbergh; John Conway 
View01/23/23John Conway; Total Living Care Llc 
View01/23/23Herbert Downing; Hodges Darryl & Grace And Irma Hodges 
View01/23/23Lovett Industries, Llc (E000); Martin, Christopher 
View01/23/23Marvin Blount; Woods, Valerie 
View01/23/23Anthony Rotzoll; Lofton, Jacquelyn 
View01/23/23H & S Heating And Cooling (M000); Williams, Dorothy 
View01/23/23Beulah, Thomas; H & S Heating And Cooling (M000) 
View01/23/23Marvin Blount; Powell, Dremund 
View01/23/23Michael Phelps; Walker, Walt 
View01/23/23B & A Hvac (M000); Moody, Naomi 
View01/23/23Evers, Edith; Mike Miller 
View01/23/23Popwell, Arthur; Ray Hale 
View01/23/23Michael Otto; Windstone Estates Llc 
View01/23/23Michael Otto; Windstone Estates Llc