New craft brewery launching in Memphis

A new craft brewery could be launching soon in Memphis.

A Facebook page has been launched for Crosstown Brewing Company, with its name and logo suggestion a location within the Crosstown redevelopment.

The guys behind the brewery told the Choose901 blog they’d like to be open within a year or so and to have a taproom and maybe a beer garden, but that nothing is set in stone yet.


Memphis startup Screwpulp is now Leafless

Memphis e-book publishing startup Screwpulp has changed its name.

It’s now known as “Leafless.”

From founder and CEO Richard Billings, the name change was partly a result of moving past the edginess the venture initially wanted to impart, a wish to show the company in a less negative light than its original name might have suggested and was also just about being responsive to customers’ preferences about the name. The company adds that its mission has not changed.

Via the company’s website:

“We’re excited to introduce our new name, Leafless! Our focus has always been supporting authors with self-publishing in the digital space. We’ve built an open and accessible platform centered around this. We offer a no-cost, no-risk publishing solution for authors. We offer ebooks to readers in the most common formats. This allows them to enjoy reading on their preferred device. We want to continue to build on the great community and support our customers give us. Our new name, Leafless, aligns perfectly with those aims.
The name is much more approachable and is still consistent with our mission. Currently, we sell e-books. E-books are a digital medium. There are no physical pages. What could you call a book with no pages? Leafless!

Why the name change?

We realize that many of you loved our old name, Screwpulp. It was edgy and very bold. That’s one of the things many love about us. When we began we wanted to be something fresh and different, and the Screwpulp name was great for that. Our Founder and CEO, Richard Billings, came up with the name. It combined the ideas of the screw press and pulp fiction.
Yet, there have always been some who took Screwpulp in a less than positive light. We want our customers to know that we’re listening. We talked with a lot of our customers, engaged different groups, and tested ideas. Obviously, several just didn’t care for the name. We wanted a name that our customers would embrace. A name that aligns with our core values. One that will help us continue to grow and serve authors and readers. That name is now “Leafless.”

Ardent creates a memorial

The folks at Ardent have come up with a touching tribute to John Fry, the studio founder and Memphis music impresario who passed away a few months ago.

Via the Ardent Facebook page, Fry was apparently known for silently shuffling around in his trademark sneakers. You’d goof off or make some inopportune crack, and out of nowhere he’d appear, so much so that the Ardent folks would sometimes glance over their shoulder before cutting loose.

So they bronzed his sneakers as a reminder to get back to work.


Bob Dylan coming to the Orpheum April 30


The man himself will bring his songs, his guitar and his distinctive, gravelly voice to the Orpheum April 30, fresh on the heels of the release of his latest CD, “Shadows in the Night,” a collection of Sinatra covers.

For ticket info, go here.

Archer-Malmo digital art director featured in new book

Congratulations to archer-malmo senior digital art director Kong Wee Pang, who is featured four times in the new book “Creative Anarchy: How to Break the Rules of Graphic Design for Creative Success” by Denise Bosler.

Check out the book here: