Tennessee Announces Completion of $2 million EPA Grant

The Mississippi River Corridor – Tennessee has concluded work from a $2 million EPA grant for reducing diesel emissions from vessels traveling the Mississippi River.

The reduction of diesel emissions will result in cleaner air and water in Memphis and along the river, which borders 10 states and watersheds into 31.

Michael Block, principal with Emisstar, said this project was the first of its kind, calling it the “pantheon of reducing emissions.”

Six push boats from Ingram Barge’s fleet received Xtrm Cat Diesel Oxidation Catalysts kits. In-use emissions testing confirmed that improvement of air quality, with the reduction of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

In fact, the particulate matter emissions reductions for retrofitting each vessel could represent over 300 heavy-duty trucks being removed from the road each year.

The decline in diesel exhaust will also aid in the potential costs to society including hospital visits, lost workdays and decreased crop yields, to name a few.