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Regional Design Center Seeking Variety of Memphians for Video Project

Memphians of all walks of life are being invited to participate in a video project aimed to enhance and improve the streets of Memphis.

Urban Land Institute Memphis and Partnership for Active Community Environments at The University of Memphis have developed a program Great Streets-Healthy Communities, based on the premise that streets are the city’s greatest public space and can be designed to support all users, enhance quality of life in communities, and promote active, healthy communities.

The Memphis/Shelby County Complete Streets Coalition is working to develop a Complete Streets policy for the city and county. When the policy is completed, advocacy work to seek adoption by local legislatures will begin.

The video will demonstrate the need for adopting a Complete Streets approach, illustrate how that approach can enhance street design, and then connect street design to active community environments and healthy community concepts.

Over the next two weeks, approximately 10 engineers, planners, policy makers and developers are being sought to speak briefly in the video about Memphis’ streets.

A variety of community “users” are also wanted to discuss their experience. Those can be pedestrians, bicyclists, elderly, children, wheelchair users, bus riders and drivers.

The video is being made with input from Memphis Community Development, Livable Memphis, and the Memphis Regional Design Center.

To schedule an interview, contact, and for more information on Complete Streets, visit the National Complete Streets Coalition.