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St. Agnes: 160 Years in Pictures

In today’s special emphasis edition on education, I wrote a story on St. Agnes Academy’s 160th anniversary Mass, celebrated Friday, Jan. 20.

Well, lucky for all of you TDN blog readers, I’ve got connections at the Academy and have some alumni-insider, old school (pun intended) photos that I’d like to share:

Original St. Agnes building at Vance and Orleans, taken in 1926

Current St. Agnes building at Walnut Grove and Mendenhall, taken in 1951

St. Agnes graduating class from 1923

I also asked Ginger Jordan, director of communications and alumnae relations at St. Agnes-St. Dominic, about the “St. Agnes” street sign off Union Avenue, eastbound before South Hollywood Street.

She said St. Agnes had bought that property, but when the school decided to move from the original location at Vance and Orleans in 1951, they determined that the area on Union had already begun to become commercialized! St. Agnes then sold that property and bought the land it currently sits on at 4830 Walnut Grove Road.

In 1951, Walnut Grove and Mendenhall was the eastern boundary of the city.