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Memphis: No. 2 cheapest U.S. city for houses…and beer

In true Memphis style, the city has ranked as the second least-expensive city in the nation, for the cheapest average prices of both homes – $190,181 – and a six-pack of beer – $7.94. reports the data is gathered from 309 urban areas to rank a cost of living index. Pricing was analyzed based on various goods and services – especially within the groceries category – which lists staples including bread, coffee, sugar, ground beef and potatoes.

The other categories include housing, utilities, transportation and health care. Harlingen, Texas ranked No. 1.

It’s not the first time Memphis has been recognized for its inexpensive culture and cost of living. In August, Bloomsberg Businessweek ranked Midtown’s 38104 ZIP code as the 18th most fun, affordable city in the U.S. with 134 restaurants and bars, a population just topping 22,000, and a median home price of $113,000.