Fasten your seatbelts

In its effort to see FedEx Express employees fall under the National Labor Relations Act and not the Railway Labor Act – thereby making the company easier to unionize – the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has launched a new campaign claiming that “FedEx drivers aren’t pilots.”

The website includes a video and written material expressing Teamsters’ opinion that the Memphis-based shipper shouldn’t be classified as an airline because its numerous drivers don’t fly planes and its trucks don’t have flight attendants.

“FedEx bought its special status through political arm-twisting, plain and simple,” Teamsters general president Jim Hoffa said in a statement. “But now Congress must do the right thing and close the loophole. Americans are tired of giveaways to corporations, especially to a company that can’t even be upfront about what it really does.”

FedEx, which has long fought the efforts of Teamsters, is working to maintain its status under the Railway Labor Act, legislation that makes it nearly impossible for unions to grab a foothold.

The company has said it will cancel a $6.7 billion order of Boeing freighters if the labor reclassification occurs with an amendment of the FAA’s reauthorization bill.