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Players’ Talk Centers on Gasol

The Memphis Grizzlies media day was full of revelations as the team prepared to start its abbreviated training camp.

Some highlights from Friday’s event:

Rudy Gay, back from a nearly 11-month hiatus following surgery, said his shoulder is “200 percent better.”

The players feel “dissed” that Memphis didn’t get a Christmas Day game while a couple of non-playoff teams – Golden State and the LA Clippers – did.

And Zach Randolph – notorious for his lack of hops – promised he would dunk 30 times this season, well above the 11 he notched last year.

But the biggest topic during the 30-minute press conference and the one-on-one player interviews that followed was re-signing Marc Gasol.

Mike Conley said he hopes the 7-foot center Gasol – who was reported to be in LA on Friday – was “on his way back now.” And Randolph said the team wouldn’t be the same without the “big man” there next to him.

But Tony Allen gave perhaps the quote of the day when News Channel 3’s Mike Ceide asked him about Gasol’s return.

Allen said, “When the big fella gets back, I’ll be happier than a kid at McDonald’s.”

Allen wasn’t done with the praise for his teammate, who is a restricted free agent and who the Grizzlies have said they expect to return. After the presser, Allen tweeted: “Really wasn’t feeling the mode without marc??? @MarcGasol. We miss u man!! Hope they get that ink in order!! Salute!”

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