Men’s Health Says Memphis Has the Blues

Men’s Health is the latest national publication to name Memphis one of the worst cities in the country for something or other.

In an article called “Frown Towns,” the magazine names Memphis as the nation’s third saddest city. Detroit was ranked second saddest, while St. Petersburg, Florida, was ranked saddest of them all.

Meanwhile, Honolulu, Manchester, N.H, and Fargo, N.D., respectively took the top spots as the nation’s happiest cities.

Men’s Health claims its rankings are based on statistics such as suicide rates from the CDC and unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well the percentage of households whose residents use antidepressants.

If this ranking annoys you, you’re not alone. Judging from the comments below this story, people from cities around the country are pretty unimpressed with Men’s Health’s diagnosis.