Lexus of Memphis Gets Brighter

Tuesday’s real estate focus dives into the history of Judy McLellan’s annual customer appreciation party, from when the real estate agent held the inaugural event at her home 23 years ago to one that now draws a crowd of about 400 at the Lexus of Memphis, 2600 Ridgeway Road.

Friday, Nov. 18, marked the third year for The JudyMac Team to utilize the upscale venue. But the car dealership has been through its own transformation in recent times.

Lexus of Memphis is the seventh Lexus retrofit for Noribachi Inc., a Delaware-based lighting firm that specializes in informed grid interaction. Noribachi retrofitted metal halide lights in Lexus of Memphis’ show lots with a range of bulbs containing 144 Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the largest bulbs to 24 LEDs in the most economical.

The result was not only significantly reduced energy usage, but also improved color rendition of the Lexus of Memphis’ vehicles. The Noribachi LED bulbs used emit a 6500K color temperature, producing a cleaner, whiter light, which emulates daylight far better than any other artificial light source. For comparison, typical metal halide bulbs have a color temp of 4000K.

Noribachi also retrofitted 84 high bay fixtures in the service bays, where mechanics need the best light possible to work with minute pieces and complex engine parts.

Leonard Temple, director of IT services at Lexus of Memphis, called Noribachi LEDs “the closest to daylight you can get,” adding that the bulbs are not only effective in cutting costs, but in generating sales as well.

“There is only one person who doesn’t like our new LEDs: the car dealer across the street,” Temple said. “People keep coming over to our dealership because it looks so much better.”