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The Commercial Appeal Cancels The Inside Scoop

The Inside Scoop – a Groupon-type service offered for the last year or so by The Commercial Appeal – has been cancelled.

The Cincinnati-based newspaper broke the news Tuesday, Nov. 8, in an email to its subscribers, saying, “Today’s Deal: Inside Scoop is no longer offering new deals. from The Commercial Appeal.”

The email also instructed users to “Please contact us if you have questions or issues with your remaining deal vouchers.”

It’s interesting that The Commercial Appeal is cancelling a revenue stream, especially in light of all of the changes the paper has seen as of late, including plans – that keep getting further pushed back – to enforce a pay wall for editorial content.


  1. [...] paper’s “reduction in force” comes just a month after The Commercial Appeal announced it was cancelling sister site The Inside Scoop, a daily deal Internet service similar to Groupon backed with heavy email [...]