Memphis Unemployment Rate Rose in Sept.

The unemployment rate for the city of Memphis rose to 11.7 percent in September, according to preliminary figures released by the state department of labor and workforce development Thursday.

That jobless rate is a full percentage point about the 10.7 percent rate for Memphis in September 2010, and it’s slightly above the 11.4 percent rate for the previous month of August.


  1. talktotennessee says:

    Looks like Junior sold out to B of A. This is why we need a viable third party. OCCUPY is right to ignore the Democrats and their fondness for Wall Street’s money? It is time “We the People” run the government and send politicians packing!

    1. talktotennessee says:

      Comment meant for “Harold Ford, Jr on Occupy movement” but works equally well for poor state of affairs in Memphis anyway)

  2. Eddie Settles says:

    Memphis joblessness is the responsibility of Memphis, not Washington or Wall Street. True we don’t live in a vacuum, but Memphis is where we can make a difference. We must equip our citizens to work at jobs we can fulfill in Memphis. Then and only then can we turn things around. This is primarily a job for us, not for government.