Lady Bugg Bakery Opens 1st Storefront in Hernando Tuesday

After almost eight months of elbow grease in Midtown, Lady Bugg Bakery is opening its own storefront today in Hernando, Miss.

The mother daughter team of Lady Bugg Bakery – who’s menu consists of cakes, cupcakes, muffins, scones, breads, pies, cookies and vegan treats – partnered with Yolo Frozen Yogurt in March.

Lady Bugg sold its baked goods at Yolo Midtown’s location off Madison Avenue and Cooper Street (the Memphis-based FroYo company’s highest performing location of all 10 Memphis-area stores, mind you), while also providing toppings like cheesecake, brownie and cookie bites for the self-serve frozen yogurt.

Now, Lady Bugg is setting up shop at 205 East Commerce St. just down Highway 55, “with the edition of a bread baker ready to go for it full force,” according to the group’s Facebook site.

Lady Bugg focuses on made-from-scratch, local ingredients, including cage-free, pasture-raised eggs and homegrown herbs, according to its website.