petition in support of AutoZone Park

A petition is up at asking for support to rally the Memphis City Council on Jan. 7 to vote in favor of the proposed partnership with the St. Louis Cardinals and the purchase of AutoZone Park.

There will be a rally Tuesday at noon to “let the City Council know how much baseball means to Memphis.”

As of this writing, the petition has 100 supporters.


  1. Wintermute says:

    “All of us at AutoZone” says it all. I didn’t think it was the role of real reporters to shill for advertisers; and I understand this is an issue scaring more and more traditional journalists as big business rescues the paychecks of newspapers nationwide. For my own part, I am dead set against my elected representing me taxing me to subsidize one of this person’s preferred entertainments (or his son’s; sorry, pay the costs for your own kids) or to save any super-rich investor in this mess the private, true capitalism haircut he deserves.

  2. Wintermute says:

    “representing me” = “representatives”