Ghost River’s Golden Ale Not Available in Bottles – Yet

On Friday, Ghost River Brewing posted to its Facebook wall that it just sold its first case of beer.

But that’s not to say the local craft brewery at 827 S. Main St. is officially selling its bottled Golden Ale – yet.

“It’s interesting, I’ve been hearing all kinds of different things about what’s going on down here and most of them aren’t true,” said Ghost River founder Chuck Sykpeck. “There are so many moving parts on the bottling line and the labeler and we’re just working to get them all working together.”

Ghost River did a small test run last week and had a lot of “low-fills,” which was what it was referring to on social media. That reference, by the way, yielded a whopping 75 “likes.”

“As we work out the kinks in that machine where we try to put 12 ounces in the bottle, we had some that had 12 ounces and we had some that had 11.5 and 11.75,” Skypeck said. “We don’t want to put those out into the trade, so we sold them here as low-fills.”

The company will try a larger production run this Thursday, Oct. 20. If everything goes well, Ghost River may have beer go to the distributor then, but it won’t know until that time.

Ghost River’s move to bottles is part of an expansion plan that allows the brewery to double its capacity. Read more on that process here.