No website needed for Berstein Law Office

For Thursday’s Law Talk, I featured Michelle Bernstein, who makes up half of Bernstein Law Office.

Because Michelle and her husband have a specialized, boutique firm, they’re able to offer competitive rates for lawyers of their caliber.

“We could have an office, but we just figure, well, we don’t have to, and you can kind of pass that saving onto your clients in the form of lower rates,” she said.

But that’s not to say they skimp on technology. Since they are so small, Bernstein Law Office relies on having the most up-to-date computers and office machinery that they can reasonably use in a home office. In fact, they try to be paperless whenever possible.

Interestingly enough, however, the firm does not have a website. That’s because their reputation precedes them.

“We have thought about it, but there doesn’t really seem to be a need for a website,” Bernstein said. “We are not looking for clients who would necessarily be shopping for a lawyer by a website. Most of our clients are from other clients and from other business associates and people who have seen our work.”


  1. Eddie Settles says:

    As a retired lawyer who experimented with a website I must say there are serious downsides to having a website. The best upside is giving clients or members of the public information (but not legal advice since the Bar and the courts frown on gratuitous advice on the web).