Construction Expert: ‘Things are Happening’

For our construction special emphasis, I talked with local firms about those industry sectors that are on the grow, as compared to the majority that are in holding patterns due to the sluggish economy.

Churches, nonprofits and healthcare were the usual suspects. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’re well aware of Electrolux, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. and Kruger Inc. choosing to set up shop in Memphis.

But Montgomery Martin advised to keep an eye out for the industrial sector, too. It’s not the boom-boom that it was four or five years ago, “but things are happening.”

“I don’t know about nationwide, but certainly in the Memphis MSA, there’s a lot more industrial – large and small, light and heavy. There is just more demand. I’m seeing more people be more optimistic and upbeat.”

And it’s also a great time for manufacturers to buy equipment, Montgomery added.

“I know one group that has a large piece of manufacturing equipment because he could get it at a great price, and so, he’s building a building around that.”