Customer satisfaction top priority at the Zoo

In today’s paper, I profiled the Memphis Zoo, which was recently revealed as having the highest overall visitor satisfaction ratings of any prior summer survey period and significantly higher than the “benchmark average” – based on surveys conducted at 11 zoos in 2010.

But even when the zoo receives praise, it’s important to capitalize on those strengths and find ways to make the overall experience even better. One thing specifically that it has put in place is a new ticketing system, said Abbey Dane, director of marketing and communications for the zoo.

“One thing we heard from members and visitors was that their experience at the gate and online ticketing was not as streamlined as they would like,” Dane said. “We have switched to a new system that will make for a quicker and more efficient experience upon arrival and as they are planning their visit.”

The zoo also noticed on the survey that while its keeper chats greatly enhanced the guests’ experience, it showed that not many people actually attended the chats.

“From a marketing point of view, this tells us that we need to better communicate the daily happenings inside the Zoo,” Dance said. “We recently adjusted our keeper chats so that we have the same show schedule happening every day. In the past, there might be a show taking place on a Saturday that our weekday visitors would miss. Now, all visitors get the same offerings no matter what day of the week they visit.”