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LinkedIn: Professional Networking Tool, but ‘Do it right’

In Wednesday’s edition of The Daily News, I spoke with Vaco Memphis about their use of social media to recruit new hires.

Cheryl Citrone, logistics executive recruiter for the Nashville-based consulting firm, said by far, her biggest returns come from LinkedIn. But, that’s not to say everyone with a page on the world’s largest professional network is a home run.

“LinkedIn is huge and I would encourage anyone on the market to have a page,” Citrone said. “And if you’re going to have a LinkedIn page, have one, don’t just throw maybe a couple of lines out just to have a presence. Have it fully compiled and do it right.”

Part of that presence includes a professional head and shoulder shot.

“It really reflects on your ability to market yourself,” she said.

Cynthia Saatkamp, principal of Hemline Creative Marketing LLC, told a similar story to The Daily News in June about Twitter. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon, do it with purpose, she said.

“People don’t realize how a business can truly seem more transparent and less guarded, more honest by tweeting,” Saatkamp said. “Twitter followers are your tribe, your confidantes and your friends. They expect, and deserve, to be treated on a one-to-one basis like a real conversation at a speed faster than email can convey.”

Read more on the topic in a follow-up blog post I did here.