Realty Shows Narrow in on Foreclosures

Just a few short years ago, house-flipping realty TV shows racked up all of the ratings as the housing market soared. Now, the format has changed to a new reality – foreclosures.

Later this summer and fall, houses sold either by the bank and/or in a short sale will be the new focus of several TV networks.

Here’s a rundown of some of the shows:

  • “Flip Men”: In September, Spike TV will premier a show about two hosts in Salt Lake City who attend auctions for foreclosed homes and try to make money in the foreclosure market.
  • A&E Television Network: The network plans to have a new show about flipping homes, some of which are in foreclosure, in the Houston area.
  • DIY Network: The network has a show in development about flipping foreclosed houses that is slated for 2012.
  • “Flipping Out:” The Bravo show, which is in its fifth season, will start tackling more foreclosure topics with host Jeff Lewis, a house flipper turned designer, working with lenders to try to buy a foreclosed home.

Lewis told The Wall Street Journal that he expects “more and more” reality shows to debut about foreclosed homes.

“People want to watch programs that reflect the current reality, not a fantasy,” he said.


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