Gigi’s Versus Muddy’s: Both ‘Uniquely Different’

In Friday’s paper, I spotlighted three new eateries investing in Midtown to expand their local footprint.

Marilyn Weber and her husband Blake have Nashville-based Gigi’s Cupcakes USA franchise rights to the Memphis metropolitan area. Marilyn, a Collierville native, was involved in a cookie business with a friend years ago before her career as a travel warrior business consultant. After longing to sleep in her own bed every night, Marilyn decided to launch her own Gigi’s business here.

She has the utmost respect for Kat Gordon, owner of Muddy’s Bake Shop in East Memphis. While the businesses compete with each other in a sense, they both offer their own individual flair, Weber said.

“Everybody wants it to be one side of the street is a Muddy’s side of the street, the other is a Gigi’s side of the street, and it’s just so not fact,” she said. “I so appreciate what Kat has done, I never could have done this at the age that she is at, so I appreciate it from the business side of things. I was a business consultant before and it’s not easy jumping from a corporation to being an entrepreneur. We’re so uniquely different. She’s a full-fledged bakery and we’ve got our own favorites over at Muddy’s and I think we just both bring something great to Memphis.”

The new Belvedere Crossing location will be Gigi’s third Memphis location, with at least one more in the works. Instead of “conquering the world with cupcakes,” and over-saturating the market (pun intended), Weber plans to stay relevant though constantly evolving her business model and producing customer favorites.

“When you look at when the ‘cupcake craze’ started in New York, that was over 10 years ago and it’s still there,” Weber said. “So, do I think we need to expand what our product offerings are? Yes. Does that mean we may do cake balls or cake pops? Yes. But we’ll stay true to what we do, and that is baking terrific cakes.”