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Angry Birds: Flying to a TV Screen Near You

Roku Inc., the television set-up box maker spun off by Netflix Inc., is hoping to capitalize on the ever popular bird-slinging game Angry Birds.

Roku will be providing the full experience in a deal with its maker, Rovio, marking the first time the game has made it to the television set. Roku’s set-top boxes provide Internet links that allow TV viewers to access more than 250 channels and portals such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and most live/on demand sports channels.

The move is a milestone for Roku. There are three possible versions of the set-top box with varying price tags with the highest marked at a mere $99.99 (tax not included but shipping is). Roku is now more or less competing with lower-priced gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii.

For heavy gamers, there is still no contest because of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but for the casual gamer looking for some added features on the set-top box but isn’t interested in shelling out $250-$300 for a console, this could be a very attractive alternative.

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