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More on Sears Crosstown

Here’s a quote that didn’t make it to the final version of my Blank Palette story. But it’s one that I think needs to be heard, particularly given the “engage, retain, attract” mentality.

Recently, when Crosstown Arts co-director Todd Richardson was talking Memphis economic development guru Dexter Muller, he said that the Sears Crosstown revitalization project is a plan that embraces and capitalizes on everything that makes a city great – diversity, arts, culture, loft-style living and education.

“It’s not a suburban plan for an inner-city area,” Richardson said. “If we were to do this development and say the first two floors are going to be Target, well I can go find that in Wolfchase or Germantown. If we are going to get people in the region, particularly outside of the city to come back into the city, then we have to embrace and showcase those aspects of the city that are attractive to people that you can’t get anywhere else.”