Opening Weekend at Memphis International Raceway

After being vacant for almost two years, the space formerly known as Memphis Motorsports Park is ready to fire the gun.

Sunday marks opening day for Memphis International Raceway, 5500 Victory Lane, in Millington.

Whether racing is your forte or not, Memphis International Raceway is undoubtedly an important piece of the Memphis economy. After the track’s closing in October 2009, many thousands of dollars went outside of Memphis to smaller motorsports establishments, taking valuable dollars away from the city of Memphis.

The track was purchased in late February of 2011 and the new owners are pumping millions of dollars into the development of the track and its facilities.

If the track succeeds, it’s likely to bring back high-grossing events to the Memphis area, thus stimulating local businesses like restaurants and hotels.

Sunday’s first event being held at the track is not a road race or drag race, but an autocross held in the 375,000-square-foot paddock area.

Autocross is a technical display of driving ability held on relatively slow speed courses laid out with rubber cones, which forces the driver to make quick and accurate decisions.

The event will open at 7 a.m. on April 17. The first car should be on course around 11 a.m., as most of the early morning is spent setting up the equipment and course.


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