QR codes: Hype or Up and Coming Medium?

TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon has slowly been developing a reputation as an Internet/tech savvy host who connects with his youthy audience.

He’s gone as far to feature QR codes on his program, which so far haven’t been too commonplace on TV.

In fact, in a recent rendition of Rebecca Black’s new hit, “Friday,” a guy in the background enters around the 3:38 mark with a scannable QR code that links to a bonus Flash video.

As it turns out, the clip is of Jimmy Fallon congratulating his viewers on finding the code/video and pushing a charity that had been the focus of the episode the Rebecca Black cover had featured on.

It’s almost like the tech-savvy host admitted, “Congrats! You’re one of few to actually be viewing this!” Which brings up the point, are QR codes effective or just the newest overrated push-marketing tool?

In a recent article I wrote about real estate agents using the media, Joe Spake said it’s a matter of resistance. That’s something Chris Dowell of Kansas City’s RE/MAX Best Associates knows all too well.

I have been using QR codes for 9 months. After spending lots of time promoting my QR Code I would like to share all of the prospects I have received with this new technology. Whoops, there is nothing to share. Yep, after having QR codes on my facebook page, twitter page, website, marketing materials and brochures I have had 9 people use the qr codes ( I actually have them assigned to a url shortener to view traffic). 8 of the people using the qr code were me. I’m scratching my head on the 9th. Maybe it was another agent checking it out?”

After all, it’s just one example, albeit an interesting one.


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