More on Cheffie’s Café/Cruiser’s High Point Hub

In Tuesday’s edition of The Daily News, I wrote about Cheffie’s Café and Cruiser’s High Point Hub coming to High Point Terrace, mere seconds from the Shelby Farms Greenline.

Recently, MSNBC did a piece on the cycling specialty café trend sweeping the nation.

“It’s very common to meet at a café before a ride to have coffee or espresso to get the adrenaline going,” said a partner of a bicycle café in Minneapolis.

It’s exciting that Memphis is picking up speed (pun intended) and is among the cities on the forefront of the upcoming trend, like Portland, San Francisco, Boston and Pittsburgh.

At The Daily News’ commercial real estate seminar in February, Commercial Advisors LLC CEO and vice-chairman of Shelby Farms Park conservancy Larry Jensen told the audience, “Man, I wish I was in the bicycle business right now,” when referring to work being done to further improve the Greenline, Wolf River Greenway and Shelby Farms – three of Memphis’ shining assets.

Investors like Charles McVean have caught on. For more than five years, McVean has been working on a state-of-the-art aerobic cruiser hybrid cycle, and he plans to market the concept nationwide.

So add that to the “B” check list, Memphis. Barbecue, Beale, blues and bikes.

Brochure courtesy of McVean Trading Investments LLC