End to Traditional Radio? Get Sirius

In Tuesday’s edition of The Daily News, I wrote a piece on Memphis-based MLS Broadcasting, which is launching Memphis’ first conservative radio show, The Point, on 87.7 FM and 1210 AM.

It has been suggested that terrestrial radio is becoming obsolete due to the advent of Sirius/XM satellite and internet-based radio. Here are some interesting stats, per Arbitron Inc., the national radio ratings company:

  • More than 90 percent of Americans ages 12 or older listen to radio each week, a higher saturation than television, magazines, newspapers or the Internet.
  • Sirius/XM hold a 15 percent market share while internet radio currently has a 5 percent share.
  • Terrestrial radio still holds an 80 percent share of all radio broadcasting.
  • Through more than 1,700 stations across the nation, the combined news/talk format is estimated to reach more than 50 million listeners each week.


  1. Steve Tapp says:

    I hate sports talk as well. What atavistic dumb-ass drivel!

    If Shea lets his Dad obliterate the Pig at 87.7, Shea will have to answer to his youth and hippie vote so his dad can suck up to the wrinkled, soon-to-be-coffin-bound conservative voters who rejected George at the polls in the 8th District just last election. The AM signal is enough, Shea. George, you may think it's all about your government-subsidized and government-inflated radiology income that allowed you to buy all these properties, but last I looked, no human lived forever. How many more years do you have, George?

  2. Steve Tapp says:

    "The talk listener is sophisticated and intelligent …” said Mark Skoda.

    Hahahahaha, by whose standards? Genius Mark Skoda's?

  3. curtis james says:

    my friend has sirius radio and i love it.i cant aford to buy the stuff i need to have it my self.but i think its the best thing going.if theres anyway u could let me know how i could get what ever i need on some kind of payment plan i would love it.keep up the good work.