More on Testing Green

In today’s edition of The Daily News, I discussed the future of energy efficient homes in Shelby and the surrounding counties. Here’s something that I didn’t have room for but was pretty mind boggling.

In 2009, the fall VESTA Home Show was an all-green show – all of the houses were certified to the National Green Building standard.

Jon Ruch of Ruch Builders LLC built a 3,000-square-foot house with about 5,000 people in and out daily over a month’s time. The lights and air were also constantly on.

“Henco Furniture & Home Center did my furnishing for the house and they like to sell lamps,” Ruch said. “I said ‘OK, that’s great, you can put any lamp you want to, but every lamp has to have an ENERGY STAR rated bulb and fixtures.”

The utility bill for the entire month was $86.

“I took that bill and I left it there at the show in the kitchen so people could see it – look at what you can expect,” Ruch said.