It’s The Season of Giving. To Yourself.

As consumer confidence rises, retail sales are forecasted to see a significant uptick this year. But it’s not just holiday shopping that’s driving retail traffic.

The number of people who will take advantage of holiday sales to make non-gift purchases for themselves is 57.1 percent this year, an eight percent increase from 52.9 percent in 2009.

In fact, the average person will spend about $108 on “just for me” purchases this holiday season.

Those most likely to spend on themselves may surprise you:

  • Men – 58.2 percent
  • Adults 25-34 years old – 70.5 percent
  • Southerners – 58.6 percent

For more fun stats like these, look for this week’s cover story of The Memphis News, “Retail Rebound?,” on news stands this weekend.

One Response to “It’s The Season of Giving. To Yourself.”

  1. j harris says:

    And who said we were in recession.