Ventura’s Claims Prompt Cohen to Pen Media Accountability Article

Claims made by former Minnesota governor and wrestler Jesse Ventura on his television show “Conspiracy Theory” have prompted Congressman Steve Cohen to write an article for a Capitol Hill newspaper calling for more media accountability.

In today’s Roll Call, Tennessee’s 9th district congressman writes that members of the press “serve a crucial role in our society and, for the most part, take their responsibilities seriously, providing truthful, frank, insightful reports on a wide range of topics. They know full well that their coverage can and will influence policymakers in Washington, D.C. and across the country.”

The democrat provides examples of what he considers irresponsible reporting that serves to propagate myths and intensify citizens’ mistrust of government. Cohen refers to on-air claims made by Ventura regarding legislation Cohen co-sponsored, and the congressman calls for truTV network owners TBS and Time Warner to be held responsible for Ventura’s statements.

Click here to read Cohen’s article in its entirety.


  1. TNTruthseeker says:

    It is sometimes amusing to observe the actions of an elected politician who feels the need to use the powers of his office to defend what he perceives to be a personal attack. Another reason why Congress should meet for no more than 90 days a year and be a part-time job with no fringe benefits including any retirement. Let the rascals worry about a regular job, & how they will be able to retire like the general public. Guarantee, we would not have to put term limits on the job.

  2. Mauiboy says:

    Steve Cohen, was caught on tape attempting to backpedal on what Ventura exposed as Emergency FEMA Camps. I'd invite anyone to take a few moments and watch the show then research yourself. Very scary stuff, now after seeing what DHS and the TSA are starting to do to us Americans. Below is the now banned/censored first 15mins of the FEMA Camp episode. Decide for yourself after you've done some independent research.