Delta Continues to Reject Union Representation

More than 53 percent of Delta Air Lines below-wing Airport Customer Service (ACS) and Cargo warehouse employees voting in the Fleet Service election rejected representation by the International Association of Machinists (IAM).

Out of 10,593 votes cast – 5,569 were against and 4,909 votes were for IAM, according to the National Mediation Board (NMB). There were 13,104 eligible voters, out of which 37.5 percent voted for the IAM.

Earlier this month, Delta’s flight attendants rejected AFA representation, Delta’s simulator technicians twice rejected IAM representation in 2010 and Delta’s meteorologists rejected union representation in March 2009. These groups total more than 40,000 employees.

“I know you have questions about what happens next,” Gil West, senior vice president of airport customer service, said in a memo to employees. “We are ready to begin the process of aligning pay, benefits and work rules, and producing a single seniority list as quickly as possible.”

“The actual date when we can begin this transition will largely depend on whether the IAM respects your decision or chooses to file interference claims. We believe the IAM has no basis for filing interference, but if they do, we will not be in a position to align pay, benefits and work rules until the final resolution of representation is achieved. I know you’re ready to move forward and we are urging the IAM to respect your choice.”

Delta employees continue voting in two remaining representation elections as a result of Delta’s merger with Northwest. Results for stock clerks and supply attendant employees in Delta’s stores organization will be announced today, and results for reservation sales and customer-facing airport and cargo agents in the Passenger Service craft or class will be announced on Dec. 7. Stay tuned!