A Modest Proposal, from Harold Ford Jr.

Former Memphis congressman Harold Ford Jr. has some advice for President Obama in Fortune Magazine (link here).

I will sum them up.

Don’t raise taxes. (Though one could argue Obama is not advocating raising taxes on anyone – merely the expiration of tax cuts. The same way when a pair of shoes costs $50, then after a half-off sale is over, no one would say the retailer is raising the price.)

Put a moratorium on new regulations for businesses.

Add “new and fresh voices” to the White House team (which shouldn’t be hard since everyone is presently scrambling for the exits).

And, finally, Washington should look to business leaders for solutions to today’s problems.


  1. @stevetapp says:

    Well. Andy,don't open yourself up to better thoughts than you can hatch.

  2. J.D. says:

    I haven't read the whole article yet, but based on your summary if I didn't know who Junior was I'd probably place him as a Republican.

  3. emilynewyork says:

    Why are we still hearing drivel and twaddle from that useless hypocritical lying schment, Ford Jr.? He needs to stfu and go away for good.