Child Advocacy Center Out Of Teddy Bears

The Memphis Child Advocacy Center is in need of teddy bears.

The center serves Shelby County children who are victims of severe physical and sexual abuse, many whom are very young and tremendously frightened, as you can imagine.

Each child is given their own teddy bear to comfort him or her, and it often brings a smile to the child’s face in the midst of a very sad situation. The children choose their bears from the Teddy Bear Wall, a big wall with dozens of cubby holes stuffed with big, plush teddy bears of all colors and styles.

The Bear Wall is frequently replenished by donors, but at the moment the wall is absolutely bare…not a bear in sight. MCAC is asking for donations of brand new, colorful, generic bears, medium (14 inches) or larger. To donate, call Deirdre at (901) 888-4342.

Memphis banks are stimulus conduits

Congress has made no secret of its unease with anything that remotely looks like a stimulus program to jolt the economy. Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury Dept. has made more than $1 billion available to 80 community banks as part of a small business jobs bill passed last year.

A few Memphis banks are getting a slice of that money that’s supposed to be used as loans to juice small business activity. Independent Bank is getting almost $35 million. Evolve Bancorp. is getting $4.7 million. Magna Bank is getting more than $18 million.

Will small businesses actually step up and offer to take some of that money? We’ll see. Over on the residential borrowing side of the picture, homeowners sure aren’t doing their own version of that dance. Rates are at 50-year lows, yet homeowners are still fearful of getting themselves tied up in a 15- or 30-year investment.

Small business owners have to worry about what isn’t there. If they get loans to buy equipment and expand because, say, the circus comes to town, that business will be rolling in clover at least for a little while serving the crowds of trapeze artists and elephant trainers and circus-goers. But when the circus leaves, that business has idle equipment and empty space that it really didn’t need to go after in the first place.

Elmwood Mascot Howard’s Fan Club

Historic Elmwood Cemetery’s resident friendly feline, Howard, now has his own fan club.

On a cold day in early 2009, the amber-eyed, bob-tailed kitty walked through the back door of Elmwood’s office. He’s been greeting visitors to the cemetery’s serene 80 acres, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, ever since.

The cemetery is now selling handheld fans, for $2 a pop, with the image of Howard, named in homage to late longtime board member Howard Caruthers.

Elmwood is also throwing a birthday party for Howard on Saturday, August 27. The event, which will kick off at 10:30 a.m., is free, and children of all ages are welcome to celebrate with Howard and learn more about the final resting place of some 75,000 people, including some of Memphis’ most well-known citizens.

Everyone who brings a bag of cat food to the party will receive a free audio tour of the 160-year-old cemetery and grounds. Discounted tours will be offered that day for just $5.

You can pick up your own Howard fan at Elmwood Cemetery, 824 S. Dudley Street.

Michelle Bachmann Says “Happy Birthday Elvis”

…on the day he died.

Click here to see a video clip, via Politico.

NYT Front Page With Elvis’ Death

On this day in 1977, Elvis Presley died. Here’s the front page of the New York Times from that day.

Anybody have some great Elvis memories to share?