Timberlake Reportedly Bringing Myspace Back

He played Napster founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker in the film “The Social Network,” but entertainer Justin Timberlake’s latest role involves a stake in Myspace.

TechCrunch is reporting the Memphis native, whose growing business empire includes a clothing line and local golf oasis Mirimichi, has taken an ownership stake and will play a major role in the strategy of Myspace, which was reportedly just sold to Specific Media for an estimated $35 million.

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Rendezvous Ribs Featured in People Magazine

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin is a “big fan” of Charlie Vergos Rendezvous’ BBQ ribs, according to July’s edition of People magazine.

The recipe, which appears in the publication’s “Great Ideas: 4th of July Edition,” also gives the contact information for how to order sauce and seasoning from Memphis’ 63-year-old family-owned restaurant.

For more on Charlie Vergos Rendezvous’ recent Project Green Fork certification, click here.

Hedge fund owner trims his AutoZone stake

AutoZone’s stock is riding high enough that hedge fund manager Eddie Lampert, whose hedge fund ESL Investments owned 9.25 million AutoZone shares as of June 24, has decided he bought low enough to now sell high.

He told almost 9 percent of his fund’s position in the Memphis-based auto parts retailer over the past week or so. The recent sales are Lampert’s largest in what’s been a string of regularly trimming his AutoZone shares in small bits since the end of May.

Lampert is an activist investors who also owns a big stake in other retailers like Big Lots, Gap and AutoNation.

AutoZone stock is up about 8 percent for the year, closing at $291.6 Friday, June 24. The chain opened 43 new stores during its just-ended fiscal third quarter. As of May 7, the company operated 4,467 stores in 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico in the U.S. and 261 stores in Mexico.

The company also is in the early stages of evaluating the possibility of opening stores in Brazil, though Autozone execs say an announcement is still a long way off.

AutoZone saw a 12.1 percent growth in profit for the quarter ended May 7.

Letters To Dad


There were several important things going on at City Hall this past Tuesday. The city budget was the one that got the most attention. And we’ve got that all mapped out in our cover story in the new edition of The Memphis News.

But if you get a chance go to the city council’s website and pull up the council’s executive session. At the session was a group of approximately 120 Memphis City Schools students in grade 4-8 who are part of the school system’s Summer Leadership Camp. All boys dressed in white shirts, black pants and ties, the youngsters came to the council chambers to make the case for a program for absentee fathers.

The camp itself is an outlet for the boys coming to terms with either a tense or non existent relationship with their fathers. As they demonstrated, sometimes the relationship can be both.

And that is what made this a moment when a certain reporter immersed in the dollar amounts of budget season and the maneuvers for a transitory political advantage got a much needed reminder that there are more important and more profound discussions underway.

Seven of the boys made speeches to the council. Some weren’t even tall enough to be seen much above the podium and had to adjust the microphone to even be heard. Two read aloud letters they had written to their fathers that cut to the heart of the matter.

Listen and see it for yourselves. Here are a few quotes to give you an idea of the eloquence and emotion present in such young souls who, despite what we sometimes believe, see far more than we give them credit for or want to believe.


Brandon Taylor, Sherwood Middle School

“Dear Dad:

You are not supportive at all. You have been out of jail for a year now and have accomplished nothing at all. You tell stories all the time. ‘His Mom puts him against me. His Mom will not let me call him.’ That is your fault. You never try to fix it. … When you were in jail you called nearly every day and wanted me to see you on Saturday. That’s your fault why you always say those things. You never try to fix them.”


Julian Christopher Anderson, Fairview Middle School

“I’m mad at you because of how you left me and my Mom. I still love you but sometimes I feel like you didn’t care about me and my Mother then. I feel like all you do is hang out with me just to impress me and my Mom. Although I love hanging out with you, it feels like you’re happy to see me leave. I know you love me, but why don’t you show it. You give me everything I want which I like, but not what I need. I love you so very much. … I know I won’t leave my kids. … I will be the best father ever.”



Last Call for Thyme Bistro

If you’re a fan of Thyme Bistro in Yorkshire Shopping Center, you’ve got about 24 hours to get your fix.

The restaurant, located off Quince and Yorkshire in East Memphis, is closing after just over a year in business “due to many factors.”

The menu – prepared by Ciao Bella’s former Chef Rick Saviori – features locally grown ingredients that are prepared with international flair.

Thyme Bistro took over space formerly occupied by Jarrett’s, which operated for 15 years before shutting down in early 2010. Loeb Properties Inc., the landlord of the center, declined comment.

“We’re not in a position to comment on why other people’s businesses failed,” the longtime Memphis commercial real estate firm said.

A notice at Thyme Bistro announces the restaurant's planned closure.

MemFish, Thyme’s neighbor to the East, is sad to see the neighborhood-focused restaurant go.

“I’m not sure that our customer base was their target clientele, but I know their customers would come over here and look around,” said Amy Pratt, the store’s assistant manager. “We’re going to miss them. We don’t have any restaurants over here anymore.”

About 9,000 square feet of restaurant space is also available to the east of MemFish in Yorkshire’s end cap.