Article critical of orthopedic training

Dr. Ford Vox takes a hard look at how medical device companies fund the training of orthopedic surgeons. The article is the June 29 edition of The Atlantic.

Read the article:

“My views are fairly conservative”

See if you can guess who said these words during a recent speech he gave in Memphis:

“My views are fairly conservative.”

On the national debt: “I’m not going to tell you I have the answer. I can tell you this, just as a citizen, that I’m alarmed at the debt. And it may surprise you, I’m a Democrat, but I’ve not agreed with all of the stimulus package. I believe in a market-driven economy. I don’t necessarily support a government-controlled economy. It’s going to take a lot of time to get out of this mess, but I’m not sure that the strategies that have been implemented are the ones that are going to get us to turn that corner.”

Hint – there’s just one right answer. Just one.

White House Acknowledging Memphis

Memphis has a veritable cornucopia of farmer’s markets, with a new one seeming to sprout up every week.

One of the most recent ones, the South Memphis Farmers Market, gets a big shout-out at

New Businesses Downtown

If you live or work Downtown, a lot of retail and other new businesses are headed your way, as we noted here.

The Center City Development Corp. awarded more than $153,000 in a variety of development incentives Wednesday morning for businesses that include a new pizza restaurant; two new clothing retailers; a ServiceMaster janitorial franchise; and a new school that will teach business and law to “academically underserved students.”

$3.1B Profit at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo announced Wednesday it earned $3.1 billion in the second quarter, a 20 percent jump in profits for the San Francisco bank over the prior quarter. The bank said part of that was attributable to improving credit quality.

The news comes two days after Memphis congressman Steve Cohen chaired a field hearing in Memphis of his House subcommittee on commercial and administrative law, at which Wells Fargo was a hot topic. Several panel witnesses took Wells to task for the same thing Memphis and Shelby County filed a federal lawsuit against the lender over last year – the allegation that it targeted black borrowers here for high-cost, predatory loans.