Kickstarter campaign for Mo’s Bows documentary

The post on Kickstarter’s official Facebook page Tuesday included a picture of young Memphis entrepreneur Moziah “Mo” Bridges and was headlined, “An 11-year old CEO who just so happens to be the bow-tie king of Memphis.”

Turns out, a venture called Squirrel Friends has finished shooting a documentary about the 11-year-old founder of “Mo’s Bows” and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help with publicity and distribution. The money, according to the Kickstarter page, will go toward that as well as helping get the film in front of new audiences.

As of Tuesday evening, the Kickstarter campaign had 28 days to go and already had picked up 39 backers who’d contributed $1,325 toward the project’s $5,000 goal.

By this summer, the film should be moving into the audio mix phase, including music composition and graphics. If all goes to plan, the documentary will be released this fall.

The filmmakers say they’re extra excited to get it done, because “everyone,” Squirrel Friends writes on its Kickstarter page, “should really meet Mo!”