Fourth annual Bikesploitation festival coming up in May

The fourth annual Bikesploitation festival, Memphis’ only bicycle festival, is coming up May 17, with this year’s version packed with bicycle films, bicycle art by local artists, bike sculpture building, food drinks, family fun and more.

The event is free and open to the public, and a rundown of the schedule is after the jump.

Here are the details from organizers, who said the event this year will held at the National Ornamental Metal Museum unless otherwise noted:

“Starting at 11:50 a.m.

Bike Parade and Slow Ride Jam

Bikesploitation is pleased to announce that we have 6 different start points all around the city for rides to the Metal Museum! Please see below for the locations and leave times. We encourage riders to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to ride leave time. All rides will meet up at various points on the route and will enter the museum grounds en masse!


2 p.m. – Daytime events gets started

Bicycle Sculpture of Sound – An interactive sound sculpture made from bicycle parts

Bicycle Painting Garden – Show your artistic prowess in the bicycle painting Garden

The Bicycle Wall of Love – Tell the world why you love your bicycle.

The Art of Spin – An interactive bicycle station of fun.

Live Bicycle Sculpture – Watch and be amazed as bicycle works of art are created right before your eyes.

Featuring: Eli Gold and Metal Museum Staff

Ink Off – Thats right, Ink Off is back! Bicycle themed mural competition in action!

Bicycle Photo Booth – Bring your bike and get your picture made!

The Mobile Music Machine – A 15-foot bicycle carrying live musicians

Featuring: Artistik Approach, Paul Taylor, Caleb Sweazy, Ryan Azada, Greedy Kidney, and more


3 p.m. – Cargo Bike Time Trial

We’ve mapped out a 10 mile course starting and ending at the Metal Museum!

Entrants are responsible for their own hauling device (basket, rack, trailer, etc.) There will be a few baskets and racks available to mount on a first-come/first-serve basis. Trail-a-bikes as well as children riding them will be counted as weight. Total weight of the bike and all cargo (minus the rider) will count as final weight. Scrap metal will be on hand to add weight. Participants will be weighed at start and again at finish.

You will receive a 1 minute time deduction for every 5 lbs of cargo.

Winner will receive a prize package.


4 p.m. – Mini-Bike Races

Grown folks on tiny bikes – not to be missed!

Winner will receive a prize package.


5 p.m. – Bicycle Art Gallery Reception

The Bicycle Art Gallery

Bicycle inspired works of art exhibition.

Featuring screen printed posters, drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, bikes and more by artists both local and from around the world! Gallery will open at 2pm, reception at 5 p.m.

Call for Entries

Archer Malmo will present a prize for “Best in Show”


6 p.m. – Downtown Alley Cat Race

Route is still TBD, but race will begin and end at the Metal Museum.

Winner will receive a prize package.


8 p.m. – Film Screenings Begin

Film Screenings – Curated by Edward Valibus

This year’s film screening features both locally made films, and films from all over the world. Films range from using bicycles for social good to showing off amazing tricks. There’s something for every type of bike-lover at the screening. Bring a Blanket! Seating will be limited.


Call for Entries

Various awards will be given out to local filmmakers.


10:30 p.m. – Group Ride

Group ride out of from the Metal Museum and into Downtown Memphis.


After Party TBA

This year’s event will also feature:

Awesome bike route signage courtesy of Bluff City Sports, so you don’t get lost

Scrumptious Food by the Fuel Food Truck

Beer, ahhh beeeer by New Belgium Brewing

Bike Valet by the Bikesmith, park it! hang out!

Free water, pop-cycles, and smoothies while supplies last

Both the Bikesploitation festival and the Metal Museum will be free on the day of the event