About that infographic showing things Memphis can be proud of …

This infographic from Tyler Ricossa was bouncing around Twitter today. You may have seen it.


Ricossa, who works for the University of Memphis, told me he put it together for several reasons. He’d been recording a list of all the accolades the city and university have picked up recently, and he wanted to show off those distinctions in a unified way. So he put it on his personal blog, and – because he loves starting new projects in Photoshop – decided to create an infographic.

“First and foremost, I’m proud of my city, flaws and all,” he told me in an email.

“Secondly, I see a lot of negativity through media channels about the city for various reasons, and I love when there are positive messages being shared that can bring light to all that is good in Memphis. After all of the posts about the ice and lack of school closings Wednesday morning, I felt I needed some more positivity on my timeline, and this was a great time to post it. In my article, I talked about how we as Memphians need to be proud of our city. Sometimes, I feel that we are our own worst enemy; our worst critics. I just wanted to share with everyone that we do have something to be proud about. 2013 was a great year for our city, and 2014 is off to a great start. I’ve seen so much change in our community over the recent years, and I just wanted to share with everyone that we are changing for the better in many ways and that we should be proud of our city’s growth.”