Wife of Grizzlies CEO is a power player at Forbes (update: now, the NYT)

(updated July 15. see bottom)

The wife of Memphis Grizzlies CEO Jason Levien is a prominent official at the Forbes media organization.

The media industry website Digiday has a profile up of Meredith Levien, who joined Forbes in 2008. At the start of 2012, she was tapped as Forbes’ chief revenue officer, and since then Forbes has enjoyed six straight quarters of growth, according to Digiday.

“Under her stewardship, the website and magazine would be brought into one operating unit with an integrated sales team,” reads the profile. “She also laid the foundation for two other big Forbes initiatives – programmatic buying and Brandvoice – which helped propel Forbes comfortably into the black.”

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(New information – Levien is leaving Forbes to go to the New York Times, where she’ll be executive vice president of advertising.)