Spring Comes To The Riverfront


Lots happening for river watchers in the next few weeks leading up to the busiest time on the riverfront, the Memphis in May International Festival.

Mud Island River Park opens for the season on Saturday, April 13.

Across the harbor at Beale Street Landing, the Queen of the Mississippi will be docked Friday as well as Saturday.

The Grand Caribe will be in dock April 22 and 23 and the Queen of the Mississippi returns to the landing April 26 and 27 with the American Queen tying up at the foot of Beale Street on April 28.

The American Queen, which calls Memphis its homeport and whose corporate offices are at One Commerce Square, will be in town almost one year to the day it began its service from Beale Street Landing.

Here’s a look at our coverage of this a year ago along with some great riverfront photos by Lance Murphey from the occasion. In the year since the photos of the Queen’s interior were taken, the boat has undergone a renovation and upgrade for the new season.

It’s another reminder that the Mississippi River is not a place where anything remains the same for very long.

The last two years have been pretty eventful ones on the riverfront for several reasons. May will mark two years since the flooding that almost but not quite eclipsed the record flooding of 1937.

The Memphis in May International Barbecue Cooking Contest even moved to Tiger Lane at the Fairgrounds because of the high water.

That was followed by a drop in the river level to near record low levels.

What the river gives it takes away and what it takes away it replaces with something it took from some other place reached by its waters.