Wiseacre Brewing: ‘It’s beer, people, not brain surgery’

The Daily News recently told the story of Wiseacre Brewing Co., a new craft brewery headed to the Broad Avenue Historic Arts District later this year.

As the commercial real estate broker Andy Cates put it, “It is a great story of Memphis natives coming back home.”

Click here to read FuzzyBrew’s Q&A with brothers Kellan Bartosch and Davin Bartosch, partners in Wiseacre. Learn more about their re-rooting back to Memphis from Las Vegas and Chicago, respectively; how their grandmother’s smart-aleck terminology turned company name shares in the fun-nature of beer brands like Dogfish Head and Jester King; and how Restaurant Iris fits into the versatility of beer offerings.

But perhaps the following quote sums up the article and Wiseacre’s mission in one fell swoop:

“Really, we’re just a couple of hometown dudes who love Memphis and love having a good time here, and we want everyone else to have that same experience,” Kellan Bartosch said.