Nate Silver Looks at Air Fares

Nate Silver, the New York Times statistician who not only called the 2012 Presidential election but every state in the contest, has turned his attention to high air fares in his New York Times blog and specifically which high air fares are the result of routes that are expensive for airlines to fly and which high air fares are the result of monopoly pricing.

We should point out this was before Silver’s call of the presidential election from early 2011.

Here’s the blog post.

Memphis International Airport makes the list of 10 most expensive mid-size airports, coming in second to the airport in Fayetteville, Ark. Fayetteville has a lot of traffic because WalMart headquarters is nearby. Memphis is up there, according to Silver, not just because of being a Delta hub but because FedEx “ties up a lot of the airport’s flight capacity.”

More fodder for the local air fare and airport conversation, Little Rock’s airport is 9th on Silver’s list of most expensive mid-size airports. And Nashville is 12th on the list of the 15 most overpriced large airports.