Things that are apparently worse than facing Shaq

I’ve written in the past about former Chicago Bulls forward Horace Grant’s arbitration claims against Morgan Keegan.

He’s been fighting for a few years now to collect on a more than $1 million award that arbitrators say he’s owed. He filed a separate claim against the firm saying he had to cash in his NBA pension because of the legal expense associated with fighting the Memphis-based securities firm.

This is how Grant described the array of legal headaches he’s encounterd: he told Reuters earlier this month he’d rather face off against the imposing, 325-pound Shaquille O’Neal than cross swords with Morgan Keegan.

“I would rather play against a guy like Shaq any day than to chase something that is mine that was taken,” is how Grant put it.

Morgan Keegan’s lawyers are trying to get Grant’s award thrown out.